Orange Is the New Black: Reasons Why Piper Got Worse

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Orange Is the New Black is a beautiful comedy-drama set in a prison. It tries to portray how the toughness of prison can compel a decent individual to do the unthinkable. On the one hand, some vicious characters are given wisdom through the course of the series. On the other hand, heroic figures like the protagonist Piper Chapman turned into villainous shades of gray.

At the beginning of the series, Piper is an entitled and spoiled girl from New York who ends up in prison. Needless to say, she grows comfortable amidst the prison politics and gradually becomes something else. 

Here are some ways how Piper Chapman got worse and worse.

Cheating On Larry 

 Alex, who supposedly brought Piper to the prison, wanted to put the past behind and start again with Piper. In a matter of time, Piper still got attracted to Alex and started to cheat on Larry, who happened to be her lawfully wedded husband.

Alienating Soso

We get our first real glimpse of the heartless monster that is Piper Chapman when Soso arrives at the prison.

Much like Piper, Soso, the newbie in prison, was struggling to adjust to the harshness of prison. One day she lies down on Piper’s bed, and we get a glimpse of a monster Piper. She then threatens Soso, saying that she is “a lone wolf who rips out the throat of sheep.” 

This is when Piper dons her top dog hat and later finds herself in trouble.

Lying Under Oath

Piper kept on putting herself in trouble time and again, only because of being in a relationship with Alex. One such incidence happens when Piper lies under oath. 

Alex tells her to testify against Kubra, which Piper does, but Alex ends up telling the truth. Piper then faces charges for perjury and extended prison time as a punishment for lying under oath, whereas Alex gets to walk free.

Putting Alex Back In Prison

Once Kubra is free, Alex starts fearing that Kubra will come for his revenge. She then visits Piper in prison and tells her paranoia regarding Kubra, plus shares her intention of leaving the town.

Alex is soon sent back to prison because Piper makes Polly (Piper’s sister-in-law) report Alex for breaking her parole.

Framing Stella

 When Stella (one of the other inmates) steals all of Piper’s money, the secret business comes to an uncertain pause. Furious Piper exacts her revenge by stealing the prison’s contraband and hides them in Stella’s bunk. As a penalty, Stella is sent to maximum security.

Framing Ruiz

This particular came out to be the master of all twists in the series, so far. Piper, high on her ego, decides to plant contraband in Ruiz’s bunk, adding another three years on Ruiz’s sentence. A vindictive Ruiz then burns Piper with a swastika sign. These were the turning points in Piper’s limited prison journey, how she transformed from a sweet woman to a ruthless one.

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Source: Orange Is the New Black: Reasons Why Piper Got Worse

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