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In case you are bordered about why parents are passionate when it comes to the nutrition of the child then you have not seen the statistics by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to this body, about 25% of children within the age bracket of 2 to 18 are overweight. There are other terrifying statistics, which we do not want to frighten you with. More painful is the projection that the upcoming generation will live shorter than when compared to those of their parents’ generation. All this is because of improper nutrition. If you are a mother or father, this projection should hit you in the heart and gut. With the advanced knowledge in the medical field, why is it that child still get sick. The answer you seek is not farfetched as it is connected to unhealthy lifestyle.

Why is Nutrition so Important for Children?

There is a strong undeniable relationship between learning, health, and nutrition. Nutrition is one of the three important factors, which impact child growth and development. The environment and genes sum up the remaining factor. The consumption of a certain kind of food by your children will not certify that they will be smarter but it can help in improving the child academically

Nutrition and Health

In terms of nutrition, it begins right before a child is born. Under-nutrition during pregnancy can result in poor brain development, which in also lead to chronic illness. Also, when a breastfeeding bothers under feed her child, it will impact the development of the child negatively especially within the first 6 months. To avoid this situation, new mothers or soon-to-be mothers should ensure a balanced and healthy diet with all necessary nutrients that your child and you need. They should include calcium, vitamins A, C, and D, protein, iron, and carbohydrates.

It is important for children to eat the right amount of nutrients needed for their development because the benefits of good nutrition are endless. Many researchers have concluded in the importance of right nutrition. This includes the following:

·         Breastfeeding helps in reducing the likelihood for children to have the following diseases bacterial meningitis, ear infection, and diarrhea. This is due to the proper nourishment of the child, which helps in fighting against any infection.

·         Secondly, the deficiency of iron makes the nerve impulses to move slower and cause severe damage to the brain of the child. Iron is an important element of the brain tissue. The deficiency of iron has been associated with changes and delay of their psychomotor development. Nevertheless, excess iron also has its own problem. It is always better to find a middle ground in all of this.

·         Thirdly, the under-nutrition of the child has been linked to decreasing social interactions, activity levels, cognitive functioning, and curiosity. Nevertheless, parents are becoming passionate, as they don’t want such issues to happen to their kids, hence their efforts towards providing the accurately balanced diet.

Author’s Bio

 Jim Law in this article looks at the reasons why most parents are passionate about their child nutrition. He also looked at the early childhood development important and how a balanced diet contributes to it.


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