Importance of Newspaper Advertising - Why Advertising is Important?

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The newspaper market in India has been constantly growing and is constantly changing to keep its readers intact. Earlier the newspapers were just printed on paper and delivered to their readers. Other than the news, newspapers showcased different ads on every other page for different brands. This remains the trend, but with the printed newspaper, digital newspapers have also made their entry into the market. The newspaper readership remains strong in the country.


The technology is advancing and there are now multiple platforms available for brands to place their ads to engage customers. This also creates a dilemma of figuring out the best method for advertising and achieving the best reach. Newspaper advertising remains one of the top options for brands to promote their products or services as it promises the best reach and engagement of customers.


With the new OTT platforms, OTT advertising has also seen a rise as a lot of viewership has increased over the years on these platforms. Mx Player Ads, Netflix ads, etc. are directly delivered to viewers through streaming devices.


The newspaper advertisements have seen a transformation over the years with digital newspapers coming in. This was done to keep up with the changing preferences of the readers and a shift from paper to digital methods. For advertising in newspapers, newspaper advertising agency help connect the brands that want to advertise their product to the newspaper company they would want to display the ads in.


Newspaper advertisement has remained important for the brands to promote themselves and gain higher brand value and an increased customer base. It remains important because of the following reasons.


Trusted Medium: Newspaper advertising remains a trusted medium even after the transformation in technology over the years. This is because, in print form or digital, newspapers are widely circulated in the country and read by more than 450 million people. With a readership so large, the trust of readers in the newspaper is clear, this also helps brands trust newspapers for the promotion of their products. 


Flexibility: Unlike other forms of advertising, newspaper advertisements are not too restrictive. This gives a chance to the advertisers to be as creative as they can be, to showcase their ads in the best possible way. The lies with the advertisers about how much space they require in the newspaper for the ad. More space can require more budget, but the flexibility factor is great for all advertisers who either wish to place a small ad or a big one.


Better Engagement and reach: Since the readership of newspapers is large, the chance for an ad reaching potential customers increases even more. Readers are more likely to engage in the ads that are posted in the newspapers while reading. With the circulation of newspapers to more than 450 million people, of different regions, localities, and states, the ads in the newspapers can be looked up by a large audience as well.


With so much importance given to newspaper advertising, the question arises why at all is advertising necessary. Knowing the importance of advertising and the potential it has for brands to expand is never-ending. Advertising is the biggest tool for companies to make their potential customers aware of what the product or service of the company is. It is the most successful way adopted by brands to gain visibility in the competitive market. Advertising through any platform can be extremely important for brands and businesses. It holds importance for the company/brand that wishes to advertise, the customers, and the platform that is used for any advertisement.


For Companies: Advertisements hold multiple benefits for any company or brand. For any producer or seller of any product or service, advertisement helps to keep up with the increasing competitiveness in the market by creating awareness about their products. If the viewers of the advertisement like the ad, the chances are high that they would either buy the product themselves or pass the word to someone. This helps increase the sales of the company. Other than competition and sales, loyalty is another factor that can be achieved through advertising. Advertising introduces people to the company and its products, if liked by the customers a chain can be formed of selling and buying new products all because of the loyalty and trust the brand has managed to build.


For Customers: Advertisements are equally important for the customers. This is so, because this way, with the help of advertisements, customers get to know about new products or new brands they may want to purchase things from. Ads act as a means of making customers aware of particular products any company is selling. Through the ads, telling about the perks and benefits of any product, the chances are increased that a customer would prefer to buy it even more. With a wide range of products available in the market, it becomes easier through the ads, for customers to do a comparative analysis of all and make the best choice for themselves.


For Advertising Platform: There are multiple platforms for advertising that range from print to digital. All these different platforms earn revenue by letting companies advertise their products. Since they give space to different advertisers for their ads, they charge them for the same. Advertising is one of the main revenue sources for most of the platforms which can be newspapers, magazines, and OTT platforms like Netflix, Mx Player ads, etc. 

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