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MUN is a school and college level activity that mainly focuses on simulating the UN conference. Prior to the conference, participants will be assigned to a designated United Nations committee that represents the nation as delegates. Each conference has an agenda or topic. The aim of this conference is to solve this problem through debate and discussion. The conference ended with the President adopting a resolution addressing this issue.

Here you can find out more about what MUN is and how it works.

1. Improve speaking and debating skills

The whole concept of MUN revolves around debating and speaking skills. Delegates must be able to assert positions and defend them confidently and effectively. During the conference, there are many speeches to be delivered by a delegate, some denying the arguments of the opposing delegates and others trying to defend their own views. MUN teaches you how to make an effective speech. The most experienced MUNers are able to deliver powerful speeches that they can then deliver with a high level of confidence.

2. Gives knowledge on global issues

In MUN, the agenda becomes a catalyst for debate. The agenda at most MUNs is a problem somewhere in the world. All delegates are expected to know everything about the agenda. What it does is give everyone involved in MUN a really good idea about the world and the main issues that affect it. Delegates used a variety of research methods to obtain information on important topics and thereby gain a broad view of current cases. Exposing global issues in this way is much more enjoyable and effective than reading biased newspaper articles about them.

MUN helps students to be aware of all major global problems and issues

3. Build leadership skills

Believe it or not, leadership is another important aspect of MUN. Most conferences have north of 50 delegates. That's a lot of people. In addition, when drafting a resolution, the chairman usually only receives 2. That is, about 25 people must work together to make a resolution. A team of 25 people must be led. Because of this, some delegates need to take on the role of leader and ensure that the group is moving in the right direction. You need to make sure that everyone's ideas are included and you need to take responsibility for the group's decisions. As a manager at MUN, you can win awards and certainly improve your leadership skills.

4. Sharpen negotiation and lobbying skills

Another thing MUN teaches you is to negotiate. Negotiation is another important part of being a good MUNer and is also a vital skill. During the MUN, it is important for delegates to negotiate with other delegates on resolutions, alliances, etc. For example, delegates can walk around and interact with other delegates before the MUN starts. During this time, it is important to have other delegates on your side so that fruitful alliances can be formed during the conference. This is also known as the lobby. In addition, delegates often have to debate with the opposition about resolutions or other conflicts of opinion. It is very difficult for a delegate to convince and think about the opposition so that both parties are happy.

5. Highlight college applications

Finally, MUN Event organizer can help you enter the university of your choice. Most people know that if they want to get into a good college, their results are not a reason to be accepted, just a reason to be rejected. Therefore, extracurricular programs such as MUN are prioritized. Colleges like Harvard and Oxford deal with things other than 6 subjects. MUN's achievements show that students have many talents. After all, winning an award at MUN really proves that a person is competent, confident and many other impressive things.

In short, MUN is a very useful activity. As previously mentioned, all of the above skills will be very important in the future, which is why teens should consider joining this wonderful activity!

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