Images Not Working on iPhone: Fix it With These Steps

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The text messaging app of Apple is called Messages, which came in-built on all iOS devices and Mac. The users can use the Images app with Messages for not only sending texts but also for posting videos, photos, stickers, animations, and many more. It is, however, easy to send text messages with the Messages app, but you will need a little knowledge to unlock its other features. Still sending gifs with Messages requires no such technical expertise, and it is effortless to add gifs to your text when sending it to your friend and relatives. Sometimes, when you send gifs through the app Images, an error appears to you saying, “Image can’t be shared. You are offline.

Here are some tips that you can follow if the Images app is not working on your iPad or iPhone. Before you move to implement the advice, it should be considered that these tips apply to iPads and iPhones running on iOS and later devices.

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Reasons Why Images app is not working for Message

There may be several reasons when Images are not working for Messages. Some of the possible causes are given below:-

  • If Images along with the Messages app is running on the outdated or some old iOS devices.
  • If there is some technical glitch in the Messages app.
  • If there are any connection issues with your cellular network or Wi-Fi.

The Things to do When Images app is not working on IPad and iPhone

If you are also getting error messages like Could not share the Image then try the below-given steps to resolve it:-

  • Toggling Images

The users can restore the functionality of the images by removing it and reactivating temporarily. To remove and reactivate the Images, Go to the apps bar while scrolling to the right and click on the option More.  After then, choose and click on Edit appearing at the right corner. Then, click on the button appearing beside Images as a Minus sign. Select Remove from Favorites and click on it. It will start moving down the Images to the section of More Apps. From this section, click on Plus sign to turn the app on.

  • Closing and reopening Messages

It may be possible that something is wrong with the Messages app resulting in the error message. You can sort out the issue by closing the app and then starting it again. To do this, you will need to open the App Switcher of the device by swiping up from the bottom and then closing it manually.  After then, you will need to go to the Home screen to try the procedure again.

  • Cycle Wi-Fi

If the problem is occurring due to the connection of the Internet you are using, then you can disconnect the network and then connect it again. You will need to go to the Control Centre and open it, or you can go to the Settings to disconnect and reconnect the network. After going to the Settings or Control Centre, please wait for a minute after turning off Wi-Fi and reconnect it to your device to see whether the Images app has started working.

Note: Alternatively, you can go to Airplane Mode and turn it on, which can stop all incoming or outgoing signals.

  • Try any other Network.

If you have access to any other wireless network, try to connect to that one as it can also sort out your problem. You can try using the connection on your iPhone or IPad that is capable of the cellular connection.

  • Troubleshoot your network and Wi-Fi

If you are not getting any problem in the Images app, then the issues may be with your network. To sort out the network related issue, unplug your router and modem for at least 30 seconds and then plug these devices back.

  • Check appropriately if SMS is on or not

You will need to open the Settings and then go to Messages. After that, make sure that the switch appearing to the option Send an SMS is on or not. It will appear in a green position if it is on. The steps are required when you are sending the Images app to the people, and Images are not working.

  • Check for the iOS related updates

It would be best if you kept an eye on the latest updates when using iOS on your iPhone devices or the tablets on the latest iPadOS. To check for the updates, you will need to go to Settings and open it. After then click on General to open it and then go to Software Update to check for the newer updates. If any new update is available, follow the prompts appearing on the screen to download and install it.

  • Restart your iPad or iPhone

When you move to restart your device after turning it off, then it gets not only its power but also internet connectivity. Further, it is also helpful in kicking out the glitches and bugs if there is in the app.

  • Restarting the Settings of Network

When you choose to reset your network settings, it removes almost everything in your device, including storing information of login to all networks. But, the process purges nearly everything from your network data from your tablet or phone.

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