IIT JEE: Tips to Ace the Entrance Examination

by Kaushal Pandey A Unit of Momentum

In class 11, most students begin studying for the IIT JEE exams, namely JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Students have two years from the commencement of class 11 to create an effective technique and timeline for completing the JEE entire syllabus.


Practical IIT JEE tips from Momentum Coaching Gorakhpur


Here are some key considerations to bear in mind when you begin your JEE study during class 11.

  1. Study through the entire JEE syllabus.
    The first step is to determine what you must study for JEE. Indeed, there will include sections from Chemistry, Physics, and Arithmetic, and you will be required to review the syllabus for classes 11 and 12. However, the JEE curriculum is extensive. Therefore, when you first begin JEE preparation, take a quick look at the entire JEE syllabus.
    Let's not be concerned about the JEE Main and JEE Advanced syllabuses. For both tests, the syllabus is nearly identical. Therefore, there is no need to prepare anything individually.
  2. The necessary books and study materials for Exam preparation.
    You must pick if you want to start learning from JEE preparation textbooks or register in a coaching programme like Momentum Coaching Gorakhpur, where you will receive JEE study material that will cover the entire course. All concepts and problems for each JEE level will be included in the coaching packages.
  3. Make a program or study timetable.
    It is unnecessary to stick to a strict schedule. However, it is encouraged for JEE preparation. The benefit of implementing a daily timetable is that once you've completed one activity, you'll already know what's next on your schedule. In addition, starting your day the same way will help you stay motivated to study even when you don't feel like it.
    If you can't stick to a plan, do it with your ability and satisfaction level. Regardless of the time slot, you can set a minimum number of study hours each day. When you study, you should pay full attention to what you're doing. Remove all potential sources of distraction. Make sure you meet your weekly or daily goals.
  4. Master the fundamentals, solidify principles and develop a problem-solving mindset.
    JEE puts your fundamentals to the test. First, make sure you understand the principles well. Then, after you've grasped the theory, it's time to practice problems. It's a method for better comprehending concepts. If you're having trouble solving a problem, go through the idea repeatedly until you get it. Continue to take notes while studying.
  5. Take short breaks in between sustained hours of studying.
    You're more likely to become exhausted during the preparation if you don't take pauses from studying. Take short breaks between extended study sessions to keep your attention and concentration. Walking for a short stroll, watching a sport, or reading something you enjoy are good options for breaks.
  6. Continue to review the concepts you've learnt.
    IIT-JEE training consumes a significant amount of your time. You grasp concepts, solve issues, and old ideas fade from your consciousness. Therefore, frequent reassessment is required for effective preparedness. Before going to bed, go over all of the crucial elements again.
  7. Measuring your motivation and achievement is a good idea.
    You should pass exams on a routine basis to assess your ability to learn, speed, accuracy, and time management. In addition, because both JEE Main and JEE Advanced would be administered desktop-style, you must complete online practice examinations.
  8. Join Momentum Coaching Gorakhpur classes
    Coaching is perfect for students starting class 11 and who want to study well for JEE. In coaching sessions, you can ask questions about your doubts, questions, learning methods, or anything else that is bothering you.


Although preparing for something like the IIT JEE exam in class 11 gives you plenty of time, only a good approach, timetable, and dedication will help you achieve your vast objective. Do not assume that two years is an excessive amount of time. All who adhere to their schedule without missing a day will pass the exam with flying colours.


Kaushal Pandey is professional technical writer for Vertex Global School. He has enough experience in writing about Momentum Coaching Gorakhpur, Top 10 School in Gorakhpur, and Top 10 Best School in Gorakhpur.

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