How We Know Disinfectants Kill The COVID-19 Coronavirus Or Not

by Hygiene Labs™ Best Disinfection Service In India

2020 has been a tough year for all, for the first time we experienced a pandemic, we're protecting ourselves, and our loved ones from an unknown, unseen phenomenon became a cause of concern for us. Sanitisation, disinfection and masks which were concepts we may have studied become a daily norm. Social distancing, work from home, staying at home, going out just for a grocery run, no travel, no socialising become a part of our lives. 

Is this sanitised enough, how many people touched it before it reached us, hearing someone cough or sneeze also became a scary scene from some zombie movie. But we dealt with it the year passed, but the threat is not over. World over there is the rise in cases of COVID-19 with new mutation being discovered in some countries. Are we using the right disinfectant? Is the quantity enough? How often should we use a disinfectant or sanitise the surface? Should I use a non-alcohol content hand sanitiser or an alcohol content sanitiser? These are the questions that plague us all the time.

A Comparison Of Disinfectants Available 

The markets have many disinfectant solutions to choose from, as per research the COVID-19 virus is easily eliminated by any of these. But now the question arises, is it safe for us, will it harm us in any way. These doubts have made the researcher come up with products that kill the COVID-19 virus efficiently but at the same time are gentle on the human skin and overall health. 

Products from Hygiene Labs are the new benchmark in this quest; they are the non alcohol content solution which kills 99.99% germs and viruses, including COVID-19 virus. They come in various ways, like disinfectant room spray, a concentrate for disinfection treatment and a hand sanitiser which is foam based. 

All these products are multipurpose products that are safe for human skin and surfaces too. They last longer than the market bought products and are gentle on human health with no side effects. It makes them the best disinfection treatment in India, which can be used safely for all surfaces and personal use. 

We all know the best disinfectant spray in India is made similar to the pesticides used in farming. They function the same way as any pesticide used in agriculture. Hygiene Labs is aware of this fact and aimed to create a product which would kill 99.99% germs, pathogens, bacteria, viruses including COVID-19 without harming human health. 

This led to their Hygiene Labs Surface and Air Fogger product, which is highly effective in enclosed spaces of 30 sq/m like cars or bathrooms. It is a 2 in one product which works on air pathogens and surfaces too. When sprayed it gives out a white mist like coating on surfaces which can reach any nook and cranny of your car or storage space. The air sanitiser spray is portable and can be carried with you anywhere. 

In India, many disinfection services disinfect large areas of public spaces or offices regularly on a contractual basis. But the chemicals they use may harm your overall health or are not as effective after some time. In this situation carrying your disinfectant spray at all times is the best solution. India's best disinfection service ensures us with their products that mention all the essential viruses, bacteria or pathogens that can be tackled with their product. The only way to use these products and get the maximum benefit is to read the instructions mentioned clearly and follow them. 

The solution 

Hygiene Labs disinfectant spray is for the surfaces, a 3 in 1 solution that kills 99.99% germs and inhibits moulds and mildew growth. As it is a non-alcoholic, it is gentle on human skin. 

While ensuring that the products you use to sanitise and disinfect are killing COVID-19 virus and other germs, pathogens, bacteria too, we have to select products carefully. Looking into their ingredients, how to use, how long are they useful, and how often have we used them. You have to keep these points in mind along with the factor that they are harming our health, in the process of doing what they are made to do.

 This is where selecting safe products from Hygiene Lab comes in the picture, ensuring our safety against COVID-19 virus and the chemicals used to make them highly effective against the virus.

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