How to use the AIDAR model to promote your mobile app

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The revolution in mobile technology is bringing the world closer and bridging the gaps and barriers. Businesses are using it to their complete advantage and turning to mobile apps for tapping into mCommerce. Today, there is a mobile app for almost every kind of business and service and it is making our lives more convenient.

It has now become easier to make your own app with DIY solutions like AppMySite. The innovative technological resources and marketing tools are also helping in promotion of mobile apps and boosting downloads.

In this article, we will discuss one such common model of marketing that can help you market your mobile app. The AIDAR model has been in practice since years and it can do wonders for your app promotion.

Stay tuned and discover how you can use this model effectively and increase your success in leaps and bounds. 

Five commandments of success


The acronym AIDAR stands for the marketing curve that involves five important steps: Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action and Reorder (or Retention). Each buying stage has its own contribution in strengthening the chances of success of your product.

Let’s explore each stage in detail:


#1 Awareness


This is the first step of the marketing funnel. Here, your aim is to create brand awareness or affiliation with your potential consumers. If you want people to discover your app and use it, you will have to inform them about it first.

There are a number of steps that you can take to create awareness about your mobile app amongst people. Go through the list discussed below:

  • Plan your app launch, promotion, outreach and user acquisition strategy

  • Make a list of the platforms you can use to create awareness about your app

  • Endorse your app on social media platforms and interact with your followers

  • Send push notifications, messages, emails, and more, about the launch

  • Use ample marketing, publicity and PR tools and techniques to inform people

  • Take help of marketing tools and run ‘awareness’ campaigns about your app

Example: If you own a community app, you can design a campaign that makes people aware of its aims & objectives. For instance, you can focus on building a community of college alumni and endorse your app among them


#2 Interest


It is not just enough to tell people about your mobile app. If you want to attract downloads that actually turn into conversions, and bring in revenue, you will need to create interest. Build a marketing hype and create curiosity about your product among people.

You can make people interested in your product in a variety of ways. For more insights and ideas, explore the points discussed below:

  • While you make people aware about your product, build curiosity parallelly

  • Pose a question about the needs that your app caters to, and answer it

  • Endorse the benefits of your mobile app and generate interest among people

  • Use lingering attributes in your marketing, like ‘Click here to know more’

  • Redirect interested users to the app stores or marketing content

  • Make use of strong interest generating content strategy for promotion


Example: Tell people about features that might interest them. For instance, on-demand cab apps offer a range of options like SUV, Sedan or affordable cars to catch the interests of people. 



#3 Desire


The heavy weights of the industry have a robust plan for this stage. Even if your app is not highly needed by some people, you can still make it desirable for them. The strategy at this stage is to shift the focus from ‘needs’ of the people to the ‘wants’ of the people.

In order to make your mobile app desirableyou can take cue from the strategies discussed below:

  • Focus on services, products or features that can make your app desirable

  • Endorse the likeable features and ignite the desire of your customers

  • Focus and emphasize on your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for success

  • Build personal and emotional connection with customers to initiate dialogue

  • Create digital launch events, send social media invites and call users to join

  • Gain their trust to learn about their desires, and tap into this possibility 


Example: Create a tempting urge or desire among people to compel them to buy your app. Make offers they can’t resist and ask questions that they answer with a yes. For instance, if you own an organic beauty products app, you can ask them if they want to get rid of chemicals and get prettier naturally. Proceed to project your app as the answer. 



#4 Action


This is the most crucial step of your marketing endeavour that demands you to be highly strategic and agile. For complete success of a marketing model, the action must be two way. While you should act on your marketing plans, your users should commit the desired actions as well.

In order to inspire action from your potential users’, you can do the following:

  • Send marketing messages to consumers and ask them to initiate action

  • Include strong CTAs (Calls to Action) in your messages & ad content

  • Use action prompting terms like ‘Install’, ‘Buy Now’, ‘Download’, and more

  • Leave a strong appeal in your content that effectively compels people to follow

  • Use simple content laced with videos & images, while telling people to act

  • You can also ask people to drop reviews, ratings & feedback for authenticity


Example: Many brands focus a lot on this stage as it ultimately draws conversions. For instance, you can run ‘Install Mobile App’ ad campaigns and add prominent action buttons to boost downloads



#5 Reorder/Retention


This the conclusive stage of the AIDAR model of marketing that culminates your efforts and leads it towards absolute success. At this stage, you make efforts towards studying the impact of your other stages and reordering things accordingly. Once you have gathered enough information and attracted a good number of customers towards your app, make efforts to retain them.

To turn your users into loyal customers and boost conversions, do the following:

  • Record and analyze the outcome of your previous efforts and reinvent

  • Make efforts towards retaining the users you have earned by now

  • Use the ‘rewards and referrals’ technique for better branding and retention

  • Incentivize your loyal and existing users for their app engagement sessions

  • Collect the empirical data of your installs, downloads, etc., and analyze it

  • Strengthen users’ conviction to purchase and give them ample reasons 


Example: Many food ordering apps offer coupons and discount vouchers to their first time and repeat customers who use their app. Push the same strategy to retain your existing customers and boost recurring sales. 


Act now to reap early!


This was a concise introductory guide to give you insights about the AIDAR model of marketing. As discussed above, you can tweak it a bit to suit it to your mobile marketing needs. Couple your creativity and efforts with the tips discussed above, and set afoot on your journey towards success 

However, you must know that in order to achieve any business or marketing goal, you need the right infrastructure and tools. You cannot project an ‘average’ app to your customers, as a bad experience will not only lead to uninstalls, but affect your brand reputation as well. 

To avoid this, offer a premium app to your users and ensure unmatchable experience to woo and retain them. You can create an AI powered native app with AppMySite WooCommerce app builder and get rid of your worries.

As a bonus to its lucrative features, it also comes with inbuilt marketing and publicity tools. Use the free tools like Social Media Integration, Push Notification Dashboard, and more, to fulfil your marketing goals effortlessly. 

Just sign up for the platform, create your app and publish it on your preferred app stores. Go ahead and implement the marketing model & the steps discussed above, and make your app a massive success. Get going folks! May the power of technology be with you!

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