How To Use GPS Tracking Software to Prevent Vehicle Theft

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How To Use GPS Tracking Software to Prevent Vehicle Theft
How To Use GPS Tracking Software to Prevent Vehicle Theft

Vehicle theft is an overwhelming problem not only for domestic vehicle owners but also in commercial fleets. In 2022, the market for GPS tracking anti-theft systems has grown by a significant percentage. This is mostly because of the frequency of theft that is not stopping for the foreseeable future.  

While getting your vehicle stolen in any case is not fun, commercial vehicle theft is a bigger problem. Why? Because these vehicles cost much more and more often than not carry sensitive consignment. 

Steps to Prevent Vehicle Theft with GPS Tracking Software 

Is the optimum path for your vehicles slightly risky? Are you anxious about your assets getting stolen on the way? Here are a few things you can do with your GPS tracking software that will mitigate most risks. 

  1. Track Your Vehicles in Real-Time 

Tracking your vehicles is a sure-shot way of allowing your vehicles to be safe from theft. With real-time tracking, stealing your vehicles will not be possible at all. Why? Because you will always know where your vehicle is regardless of who is driving it. 

In case your vehicle does get stolen, you can always track it down to recover it. However, with the right SOS alarms and other smart safety measures described later, your vehicles will not be stolen in the first place.

  1. Use Geofences For Safety 

Geofences can be used for much more purposes than just knowing when vehicles entered and arrived at a location. 

If your vehicles, trailers, or cargo has to stay stationary, you can draw a geofence around them. This way, if they do leave the safety parameter, they’re likely being stolen and you will get instant notifications for the same. 

  1. Ensure Reliability on Drivers 

Building reliability is not an easy task. However, what’s tougher is to build drivers’ accountability to you - the manager. 

If your drivers are unreliable, there is a huge chance that they themselves will steal vehicles or at least the consignment. However, if you can trust your drivers and have all their credentials, your vehicles are in the right hands. 

Your GPS tracking software will help because it is the place where you will store all your drivers’ contact details. Moreover, since they will know that they’re being supervised, they’ll naturally be more careful and accountable to you. 

  1. SOS and Theft Alarms 

Is your vehicle on parking mode but someone is trying to move it? More likely than not, someone is trying to steal it. In such a situation, Trackobit will ring an alarm on your devices to let you know that something is fishy. 

Moreover, if instead of stealing, someone is hijacking your vehicle, your driver can press an SOS alarm. Through this alarm too, you will get an instant alert on your device telling you that something is wrong. 

  1. Immobilize! 

You’ve activated all features and are supervising perfectly. However, your vehicle still seems to have been stolen. What do you do in this case? Immobilize! 

Through immobilization, you can stop your vehicle right where it is by cutting off the engine connection with the battery. 

Safeguard Your Fleet With TrackoBit 

Safety for commercial vehicles is a major concern that needs to be mitigated soon. The only way to do it is by integrating your vehicles with a potent vehicle tracking software. The software of your choice should offer at least the basic features described in this article. 

You should definitely try TrackoBit, India’s fastest-growing and safest telematics software. It will surely help you safeguard your assets!

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