How to Use Cloud IVR System with your Business Phone System?

by Abhishek Upadhyay Sr. SEO Specialist

Business phone systems have always been an integral part of business communication. Nowadays, cloud based hosted phone systems have taken over business communication all around the globe. One of the key features offered by cloud phone systems is IVR i.e. Interactive Voice Response about which we are going to discuss in this post. Let’s take a look:

What is Interactive Voice Response?

IVR is Interactive Voice Response which is an automated phone system technology that allow callers to interact with an automated phone system by using voice and DTMF tones. A simple example is when you dial a phone number to connect with a business. The voice on the other side of the phone is not of a human but an operator who greets you. The operator presents you with a menu having different options from which you can choose a suitable one. These options can be different departments like sales, delivery, marketing, etc. Once you input an appropriate command, the operator provides you with a suitable solution.

Usually, IVR systems connect customer calls with specific agents by receiving input from the caller. The role of IVR here is of great significance as it patches customer calls with right agents without any errors. The process happens quite quickly which saves time for both the caller and the agent.

What are the Benefits of Cloud Hosted IVR Systems?

A major benefit offered by Hosted IVR systems to businesses is that it makes incoming call management extremely easy and streamlined. Callers can use the self-service option of the IVR to get answers to basic or routine queries. This way, mundane tasks of the agents are handled by IVR system thus saving their time and effort.

On the other hand, for concerns that require an agent’s intervention, IVR can direct customer calls to the correct departments or agents. This ensures that queries and concerns are handled by the right personnel.

For companies, IVR helps them in delivering exceptional customer services as they can remain available to callers 24/7. Even during non-business hours, IVR can address callers and provide them basic information. Agents can connect with crucial calls when they resume working. This way important deals are never missed and customers feel valued as well.

Besides this, a cloud IVR helps a business save money on human resources. The job of receiving customer calls and patching them with the right departments or agents by understanding their concerns needs a full time human receptionist. Even if a business hires one, the chances of errors in patching calls are still there, especially when call traffic is high. Thus by deploying an IVR, a business saves money as well as achieves efficiency.

Also, an IVR helps a business in presenting a professional image amongst its callers. No matter if it is a small business or a big corporation, having an IVR system in place gives callers the feel that they are connecting with a professional and trustworthy company.

How to Use Cloud IVR for Business?

Modern day cloud phone systems for businesses come with IVR as a part of their feature set. This means that along with several other advanced business phone features you get the cloud IVR functionality integrated within the system. All you need to get started is to design and set call flow according to your business architecture.

As far as the voice over for the IVR menu is concerned, one can use the text to speech option. This feature is also offered by the majority of the cloud based IVR systems. It makes the whole process extremely easy and simplified. There’s no need to hire an external resource for voice over as just by typing the desired text, the system will generate different voice options. One can choose a voice that sounds better and is in coherence with the company’s image.

How to Find the Best Cloud IVR System?

Today, one can easily find cloud business phone systems that offer IVR feature. These phone systems also provide several other features such as DID numbers, Call reports, Voicemail, etc., that simplify the overall business communication. Some of the most important points to look for when searching for the best cloud IVR system are:

·         Multilingual call menu options

·         Text to voice feature

·         Call Recording feature

·         Intelligent call routing

·         Customized welcome greetings

Make sure you go with a reliable service provider who offers 24/7 customer support for any kind of technical difficulties you may face with the product. Also, ensure reasonable pricing so that you get best Cloud IVR system with your business phone system.

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