How to Train a Chatbot?

by Robert Smith Technology Expert

Online interaction is a key to quickly answer customer's queries and provide them the necessary support. One of the greatest tools that most of the businesses are using nowadays is chatbots. These interactive tools can be easily synced with your website, and they will take over the charge of responding to the customer's query. While chatbots are on a boom, it still needs a lot of transformation to make it even more effective. There is a various chatbot training program which is running across different companies that eventually help in improving the functionalities of chatbots and making them more effective.

While chatbots are widely being used, yet they have not come in full-existence. They are still undergoing a lot of transformation to become more equipped and well-versed when it comes to responding to the customers. It is important for companies to focus on training chatbots based on the data received by them so that it becomes more user-sensitive. 

Amongst the industries that started using chatbots are :

  1. Healthcare

  2. Government

  3. B2B sectors

These segments already have a lot of data set with them, thus training the chatbots based on variegated data becomes easier for them.  Here you must know that different chatbots are designed differently. They work on the basis of the data that is fed in a while programming them. The scripted chatbots are equipped to answer based on the limited data sets available with it. Here Machine Learning will help the bots develop a growing knowledge and understanding based on the previous chats. 

Here are a few ways by which you can train chatbots:

  1. Train it to recognize common customer questions- One of the easiest ways to train chatbots is by feeding more information about the kind of questions that customers ask more frequently. The resolution bot is able to automatically identify the customers who have been asking in the past and hence, making it easier for them to spot answers for the questions. 

  2. Cover a wide range of topics and develop an answer for the same- Another way to train the chatbots is by covering different topics that customers are focussing on. You need to create an answer to their queries. A few of them include answers for questions like subscription, password, billing, shipping, etc. 

  3. Answer many questions related to the same topics- Yes, this can be one of the things that you must look forward to when it comes to training chatbots. There can be different questions related to the same topics. For example, if someone is looking for questions related to the invoice, the questions can be where can I see the invoice, how to change the address of the invoice, how do I get a duplicate copy of the invoice, etc. These questions are closely related to the invoice, but they require different answers. By creating different answers for questions related to the invoice, it will be easier for the chatbot to respond to the related questions. With more feeds, it will become easier for chatbots to understand the nuance of the question and answer the same.

  4. Optimizing your underperforming answers-It is important for you to maintain chatbot. The team of chatbot developer should constantly be reviewing chatbots and see how prompt and well they can answer the questions.

  5. Let real users test your chatbot- To make your chatbot work more efficiently, it is important that you put the chatbot to the test. Making the real user test your chatbot is the best way to see how well it can respond to a certain set of questions. While turning chatbots, it is important that you must pay attention to the following factors:

  • Response speed

  • User Experience (UX)

  • Bots Flow

  • Chatbot's Accuracy

  • Drawback in case the bot fails to understand the user

  • Engagement while talking to a bot

It's very easy for you to test the chatbot. After creating chatbots, you can you're your team and co-workers to test the chatbot and ask them several questions pertaining to the data fed into it. Based on their response, you can find the drawback areas and work on them. You can also involve the customers in beta testing of the bot. For this, you must only connect with your trusted customers and ask them to use the bot and share their responses. 

The Future 

These are a few of the ways by which you can train your chatbots. After developing chatbots, the chatbot experts need to spend a lot of time testing the bot to understand the areas which need improvement. Based on the data, you can improvise your chatbot.

For all this, you would need to know in-depth about chatbots. More and more companies are going to incline towards chatbots, and hence, there would be a need for chatbot experts. Thus, it has become a popular career option. If you are also willing to become a chatbot expert, then you must go for a chatbot certification program by Global Tech Council. The chatbot programs developed by Global Tech Council covers all the aspects of chatbots and how to build your own chatbot. 

Chatbots are going to be revolutionary, and it is going to find application in marketing, and you are going to find its prominence across the different fields.

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