How to teach an older child to ride a bike?

by Maminuzzaman Momin Digital Marketing Expert

How to teach an older child to ride a bike?

People say that if you do not learn to ride a bike at a very young age, then it is too late. That is not true, you can learn to ride at any time in your life. So, even if your child is a bit older, he/she can still learn to ride a bike with your help. In fact, teaching an older child to ride a bike is easier than teaching a younger one. This is because the older child will understand your directions better than the young one. The tough part is learning to balance because balancing is best taught at a young age. But do not worry, it is nothing impossible.

Learning or teaching how to ride a bike is not a very complicated process. So, here is how to teach an older child to ride a bike.

The right bike

First of all, you need the right bike that matches your child’s physical attributes. If you get one that is too small or too big for him then he will not be able to ride it, let alone learn to ride on it. It is quite tricky to get a bicycle for an older child because he is grown but is not done growing yet. So, you need to get one that can be adjusted with his growth. Get one that has an adjustable seat. Make sure that he can reach the ground with his feet when sitting comfortably on the seat in its lowest position.

Safety first

When learning you can ensure the safety of your child in two ways.

You need to get them the right gear for riding a bike. They need a helmet, kneepads, and elbow pads. In addition to the safety gear, you need to get them in the right attire as well. Make sure they are not wearing something too loose that the cloth might get stuck in the chains. Also, if they wear something too tight then their movements might be restricted.

Then you need to find a good location where they can practice. It is very important that you start out in a place that is not crowded at all. It will ensure their safety as well as the safety of others. Also, an older child may be embarrassed to learn in front of a lot of preying eyes. The best place to learn to ride a bike is in an empty parking space.

Helping out

When starting out, you need to help them at first. Start off by helping them balance by pushing them on the bike. When they are comfortable sitting on the bike, slowly start to let go. But stay near in case they start to topple. Teach them to retain their balance with their feet whenever they feel like they are going to fall over. Learning to balance is the hardest part, so both you and your child need to be determined and keep practicing.

Pedaling and braking

When they have learned to balance without your help, its time to learn to pedal. Start with pushing them while they pedal. You can be thinking that why do you need to push again. This is because pedaling and balancing at the same time is much harder than balancing on its own. When they get the hang of pedaling, they can do both at the same time.

Braking makes you lose your balance if you are not experienced in riding enough. So, at first, teach them how to brake with their feet. When they use their feet to brake, they can balance with their feet and avoid hurting themselves. When they are comfortable stopping with their feet, they can move on to the brakes on the handlebar.

Practice, practice and more practice

Staying determined and keeping at it is as important as the steps mentioned here. Remember that practice makes perfect. Some kids learn faster than others, so you need to be patient when teaching as well. When teaching an older child to ride a bike, you need to ensure he does not get upset when it takes time to learn a step. So, avoid getting angry and scolding them.

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