How to Survive with a Medical Marijuana Card in Naples, Florida

by Kevin Joseph Medical Marijuana Card Consultant

A quick guide to getting a medical marijuana card and your rights when you have one. If you’re lucky enough to live in Naples, Florida, rejoice. You get the benefit of yearlong sunshine, the Perfect climate to living outdoors, and the best location between National Parks and the Gulf of Mexico.

Up until November of 2016, there was only one thing lacking: medical marijuana. When Amendment 2 went into effect, the State of Florida drastically changed its approach to cannabis. From a punishable offense to doctor-advised act, the use of cannabis has new regard in Naples. Sadly, Colliers County has taken a conservative approach to the industry and nixed dispensaries from opening. Naples residents still have access to their medical marijuana card, their largest hurdle comes in procuring their medicine.

For Naples’ residents, let’s take a quick look at how to survive the medical marijuana landscape in The state of Florida.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Naples

Access to a medical marijuana card involves a few steps. The first step is having a ‘qualifying condition.’ In the State of Florida, the qualifying conditions approved for medical marijuana include:

● Cancer

● Crohn’s Disease

● Epilepsy

● Glaucoma


● Multiple Sclerosis

● Arthritis

● Back Pain

● Cachexia

● Diabetes

● Hepatitis C

● Irritable Bowel Syndrome

● Lyme disease

● Migraines

● And more

The list of qualifying conditions in Florida is extensive and covers a variety of conditions and ailments. You can view the full list here to see if you might qualify.

A qualifying condition is enough to get you recommended for a medical marijuana card, but it isn’t Enough to obtain one.

medical marijuana card naples

To get a medical marijuana card in Naples, there are a few steps to take:

1. Establish care with a qualified medical cannabis doctor.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go outside of Colliers County to speak with a medical cannabis doctor.

While the county has banned dispensaries from opening, doctors are still allowed to practice medicine anywhere in the State of Florida.

The first step, then, is to speak with a doctor in Florida that specializes in the use of medical marijuana doctor. Look for one that has been established since the medical marijuana programs ‘inception in 2016.

You’ll see that a highly-rated, well-respected doctor resides in Naples. Dr. Mark A. Vacker has been practicing medicine since the early 1980s. He focuses on treating the mind, body, and spirit and is well- versed in the end cannabinoid system.

You can set up an appointment with his office here.

2. Attend an in-person consultation with your new doctor.

Once you’ve established a relationship with your doctor and set up a time for an appointment. It’s important that you go to it.

After paying the fee to receive care with your new doctor, you’ll be evaluated in-person. Your vitals will be checked, your medical history will be discussed, and your doctor will get to know you. They’ll evaluate if you have a qualifying condition. If they believe the use of medical cannabis may provide relief to you, they will write you a prescription on the spot.

Likewise, your doctor will upload your information in the State of Florida’s Medical Marijuana Use Registry of cannabis patients. Don’t worry, its 100% HIPAA compliant when you go through My Florida Green. Once your information is in the system and you have your prescription, you’re ready for the final step.

3. Apply to the State of Florida for your Registry Identification Card.

Naples residents have two options to apply for a medical marijuana card Naples. The first is by snail mail. The second is over the internet. Both methods charge $75 and require a completed application, but a mailed application also requires additional information like proof of residence.

In either case, once your application is received by the State of Florida, Naples residents can expect to have their medical card within 5-21 days.

With the card in hand, what’s next for Naples’ citizens that don’t have access to a dispensary?

Understand Your Rights as a Medical Marijuana Card Patient

As a patient within Florida’s medical marijuana program, everyone has access to the industry. No, there aren’t any dispensaries allowed in Naples. Yes, the State has set a cap on how many dispensaries can open in total.

Despite that, Naples’ residents still legally have access to medical cannabis and they don’t have to go too far to get it. Just north of Colliers is a handful of dispensaries that are open to the people of Naples. Not only are their doors open, they are also willing to deliver your prescription to your door. Regardless of where you live, medical marijuana patients have the right to access the medicine they’re approved to use.

Sadly, that right does not include the freedom to grow your own. Under the law, the only cannabis allowed is that sold from a licensed retailer. When buying from a licensed retailer, there are a number of restrictions and guidelines in place as to what can be bought and how much of it can be sold. Some of those guidelines and restrictions include:

● No cannabis flower sold unless it’s in a tamper-proof cartridge that attaches to a vaporizer. By law, patients are not allowed to smoke cannabis.

● You can buy up to a 70-day supply of cannabis and be in possession of that same amount. This is partly up to your doctor on how much you can get.

● You must keep your purchases in their original packages. It’s like keeping your pills in their appropriately labeled bottles. Do the same with your plant medicine.

● You must have an active Registry Use card to consume cannabis.

● Impaired driving is not allowed. Punishments are similar to DUIs.

● You may not take your medicine out of the state. Your cannabis must be kept and consumed within Florida.

Most importantly, keep in mind that Federal and State laws differ. Although cannabis is legal as a medicine in Florida, the Federal government will still cite its use on their lands. For example, consuming in a National Park can carry a heavy fine, even in a county that allows dispensaries.

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