How To Store The Dry Ice in the Cooler?

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An ice chest gets everything done whatever you think of. From keeping your food fresh and to providing you with ice on your demand, Cooler makes sure that you experience a pleasure camping trip. There are times when you find yourselves frequently opening the cooler which consequently leads to melting of the ice. That’s the reason you have to visit the cooler to refill the ice. It might happen that the place where you are camping have no access to ice, it feels so annoying. During Summers, it becomes even more worst. So, what’s the solution to this problem? Have you ever heard of the dry ice? Think about the time when you last used it.

There is a considerable difference between normal ice and dry ice. Normal ice evaporates fast and leaves the water behind while the dry ice evaporates in the form of gas and thus, it does not leave water like normal ice. What makes dry ice better than the normal ice is the fact that dry ice keeps food and beverages cold for a longer duration as compared to normal ice. So, if you are wondering about how to use dry ice in the cooler so that your food remains cold and fresh, here’s a guide for you.

  • Select the cooler- If you are planning to buy cooler, make sure they have the ventilation system installed that lets the gas escape out of the cooler. The most cooler comes with the drainage cap that does this act of releasing the gas into the normal surrounding. Besides this, there are coolers whose lid does completely shut also works fine. Depending upon your specifications, your storage size, you can jump on your decision to buy the cooler.

  • Buy Dry Ice- After you have gotten the cooler, the next step is to buy the dry ice. You don’t just go and buy the dry ice. There are some factors that need to be considered before buying the dry ice. Make sure to check the storage size of your cooler and bring the dry ice accordingly. You don’t want to run short of dry ice. So, make sure that you have measured the dimensions of the coolers.

  • Consider the block of dry ice- Dry ice is mostly available in two forms. You can either choose from a block of dry ice or pellets of dry ice. Blocks of dry ice are better than the pellets. Moreover, the blocks of dry ice last longer than the pellets. Like we have earlier told you, check the dimensions of the cooler so you get to know how many blocks of dry ice your cooler is able to hold up.

  • Organize the dry ice- After you have ended up buying the dry ice, it’s time to set them up in the cooler. Before setting them up, make sure you have newspapers. The newspaper will keep the dry ice for a longer time. So, once you have gotten the newspapers, wrap the dry ice in the paper and only then arrange them inside the cooler. If you are the one who frequently opens the cooler to get the food and other beverages, make sure you keep the dry ice in the bottom of the ice chest and place your eatables on the top. This will add more to your convenience. You can easily pick up what you want to eat.

  • Drain the dry ice- Once you are done with your camping trip or if there is dry ice left and that’s no longer of any use to you, dispose of the dry ice. Bring out the dry ice inside the cooler and place it in an open area and unwrap the ice. This will help in fasting the process of evaporation and the dry ice will be easily disposed of. Once you leave the dry ice in an open area, make sure nobody is near to its vicinity. Whether your kids or any pets, keep them away from reaching it.

Precautions to be considered while storing the dry ice

Handling the dry ice is not as easy as it seems. There are a few precautions that you need to consider before you put dry ice inside the cooler.

  • Never touch the dry ice with bare hands. The temperature of ice is enough to burn your skin. Make sure you use a protective glove or towel to place the dry ice.

  • Never store the dry ice in an airtight container. The gas gets collected inside when it evaporates which consequently leads to damaging the container.

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