How to Stop Travelers' Diarrhea from Ruining your Travel Plans

by Levi Gill Executive
Travelers’ diarrhea is one of the most common illnesses that affect travelers. It is especially prominent among travelers who visit under-developed regions. It can completely ruin travel plans for days and leave one in the most embarrassing and stressful situation. Here are a few effective ways to prevent and treat traveler's Diarrhea:

Prepare your digestive system before you set out
Consuming probiotics before and during the travel can help in increasing the friendly bacteria in our digestive tract. These bacteria help in preventing harmful bacteria like E.Coli from multiplying in our gut that causes diarrhea. There are many probiotic products available in the market that you can even get from websites that allow you to order prescription drugs online.

Pack in the medication
Make sure that you take Rifaximin in your medical kit. Rifaximin is an antibiotic used to treat traveler's diarrhea. It is excellent for controlling diarrhea when it’s upsetting and interferes with your pre-planned activities. It also helps in preventing the loss of essential fluids and salts that absence of which can make you feel weak and dehydrated. You can buy Rifaximin online from various online pharmacies.

Antibiotic treatment is the last self-treatment option for travelers’ diarrhea and can be taken if you have severe diarrhea that is weakening and completely stops you from continuing with your planned activities. For fast, effective relief take it along with rehydration sachets.

Be careful about what you eat
When traveling, make sure that you eat food that is thoroughly cooked and is served hot. A food that has been sitting for long can be spoiled and can upset your digestive system. Drink water from packaged and sealed bottles only and avoid having ice in your drink as you might not know the source of water used for making that ice.

Stay Hydrated
Maintain a good fluid intake. Drink bottled or purified water. Take plenty of oral rehydration sachets with you. When you have diarrhea you lose lots of fluid and can become dehydrated very fast. Oral rehydration helps in preventing and treating dehydration by replacing fluid, and salts lost because of diarrhea.

Don't starve yourself
If you have diarrhea, it’s important not to stay hungry. Maintain the water level in your body by drinking plenty of water and restrict yourself to a plain 'White Food' diet which includes food items such as, plain white rice, bread, potatoes or bananas. You must avoid fatty foods and milk.

Before you travel, book an appointment with your doctor for advice on which antibiotics are suitable for you and recommended for your trip.

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