How To Stay Fit, Healthy & Happy on Your Next Vacation

by Namah Corbett Namah, Jim Corbett

Travelling is an interesting, fun and thrilling activity but it comes with a lot of stress as well. Changing landscapes, nonstop adventures, and new culinary experiences can adversely affect your health. Elevate your energy levels and keep your mind free from worries on your next vacation. Select from any of the Jim Corbett national park packages

Here are some of the ways to stay healthy, active and euphoric during your next trip:

  1. Fully explore the environment: Experience the essence of the place you are visiting. A trek is a wonderful way to fulfil your cardio workout requirement for the day. Your fitness routine should not be controlled by structured movements or the allotted time in the gym. Two goals can be simultaneously achieved when you combine fitness with exploring the destination.

  2. Drink enough water: Drink a lot of water even if it entails frequent visits to the washroom. This will ensure that your body functions smoothly which leads to lesser jet lag later on. Stiff muscles are avoided if you stay properly hydrated during your trip. Always lessen the pace of your journey and listen to the demands of your body. Your wellbeing while travelling depends significantly on a properly-fuelled immune system.

  3. Balance is important: Breaking the rules is totally acceptable on a holiday. Indulge in a few relaxing glasses of wine with your loved ones. The trip is meant for you to de-stress. After the indulgence ensure that you go on a brisk walk or opt for healthier options later on. Enjoy the downtime and have the time of your life on your holiday!

  4. Ditch the schedule: Take some time out from your planned itinerary and just go with the flow. It is not necessary to plan an activity for every minute of your stay in a particular destination. Keep a relaxed schedule and incorporate a bit of flexibility in your itinerary. Stress is inevitable if you follow things on a schedule.

  5. Eat healthy: Pack a few healthy snacks for the places where healthy food options are not available. This includes healthy yet tasty options such as unsalted nuts, protein or snack bars and fruits. This is also an economical option as airport foods tend to be costly. Remember that unhealthy foods and alcohol can aggravate jet-lag symptoms like dizziness, fatigue and headaches later on.  

  6. Workout whenever possible: Try to follow a flexible schedule where workouts are concerned. Why not explore your destination on foot instead of taking a cab. If there isn’t a gym at your hostel or hotel, you can always work out on the beach. Ditch the elevator and take the stairs. Always get up and walk in order to stretch out your legs, neck, arms and back. This will also increase the blood flow which in turn will make you feel rejuvenated.
  7. Rest is also important: Get some rest as you will be tired after exploring new places all through the day. Stay in any of the scenic resorts in Corbett near river and get some beauty sleep. Sneak in a few minutes of slumber in the car or in the hours before the flight. Travelling, different time-zones and exploring new places on foot throughout the day can wreak havoc on your body. Get adequate rest and wake up the next day feeling energized and ready to face the challenges of a new day! 

  8. Always keep a mini health kit handy: Always pack a small bag with different medications and vitamins for an emergency. Always include tablets for anti-motion sickness, drugs for fever or pain like ibuprofen along with antacids and antihistamines. Prevent germs from spreading rapidly by cleaning your hands frequently with a good antibacterial hand-sanitizer.

  9. Do not stress: Stress is inevitable in certain situations such as a flat tire, lost luggage or a delayed flight among others. High-stress levels can affect your health, negatively. Try to stay calm and do not fret regardless of the situation. Simply take a deep breath, let it out slowly then repeat the process to offset the anxiety of travelling.

A vacation is a time to relax so make sure you savour your morning tea or coffee, in peace. Staying fit on the road is necessary to enjoy the scenic landscapes you have come all the way to admire. Follow these tips for a happy and healthy vacation on your own or with friends. Remember to pack your sunscreen and wear socks wherever possible to protect your toes!

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