How To Start Currency Trading?

by Mathhias Kuerpick Financial Writer

Everybody is aware of the stock and equity market. But how you start currency trading needs to be put to light. Therefore, today we have a short and quick discussion on how to start currency trading. 

Currency trading is to buy or sell the currency pairs and make profits. Traders have to analyse, know the currency pairs providing opportunities and then make a successful forex trade. But to start with that let’s understand. 

Easy Steps to Currency Trading

The Forex market is a decentralised financial market. Traders can invest or trade in the market easily. However, the market is also volatile which requires traders to have proper skills and knowledge of the market. 

Here, we have the easy steps to start currency trading and making effortless forex trades: 

Select Currency Pair

The initial step is to find the best currency pair to trade online. Forex market has several currencies to trade and choosing the right one that will meet traders goals and help them earn is essential. 

The exchange rate of the currency pair is what helps traders earn profits from. Traders buy one and sell another in hope of making money. There are major, minor or exotic currency pairs to choose from. 

For example, USD/EUR, EUR/GBP, USD/INR and AUD/CAD. 

Research and Analyse

Once a trader knows which currency pair to trade, then they can research and analyse the market for the opportunity. Accordingly they set their strategies and plans for an efficient trade. 

It is the foundation of good trading. Do not trade on your emotions. A financial stable plan and researched market processing helps traders make a good trade. After that traders can decide their way of forex trading, they will use copy trading, social trading or ETFs and CFDs. 

There are many ways for profitable forex trading

Choose the Forex Broker

Traders have to find the best forex broker that will support their trading goal. Financial market has various forex brokers with the best trading services. However, traders have to choose the one that will guide them, support them and provide them the best of services in forex trading. 

A good broker makes half the work done. Therefore, select the forex broker that is having the best of services, offers assets and advanced facilities. 

Read the Quote

Forex traders have two prices for the currency pairs. One is quote price and another is base price. Traders have to learn how to read the quotes for an efficient trade. The base price is the value of the currency above the / while quote is the below one. 

The quote price is the value for which traders can buy one base currency. It is the way the forex market works and helps traders earn from their investments.

Know Your Trading Position

Forex market allows traders to have trading positions on both buying and selling. Also, they can speculate in any one of the directions for making profits. Traders buy and sell simultaneously to keep the market moving. 

The buy position is where the base value is expected to rise in comparison to quote currency. While, with the sell position traders expect the base currency value to decrease in comparison to quote currency price. 

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Traders should know this for entering and exiting their market positions at the right time. 

Enter the buy position, traders have to believe that base currency is bullish and then enter the market position. However, it requires research and good market skills to make money. 

The sell position of the forex market is bearish. Traders sell their currency to earn profits and make another investment. It has to be a calculated and well-analysed decision as the forex market is highly volatile. 


Forex trading is a good option for beginners of the market. There are many active traders investing or trading in various currency pairs as the requirement of funds is low. 

However, traders need to do a lot of back work for a profitable currency trade. The article has given easy steps of starting with currency trading to guide the beginners of the market. 

So, trade and earn high market profits with good trading skills and easy steps. 

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