How to Setup SafePal S1 Wallet Account? - SafePal S1 Hardware Wallet

by Sara Billy Java Developer

SafePal is the ultimate and secure hardware wallet mainly designed for making a better investment. It is the first hardware wallet mainly invested by Binance, which is one of the leading exchange aspects across the world. In the modern-day, SafePal has been mainly supporting more than 10K+ Cryptocurrencies. These include the BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC and many more. Normally, the SafePal S1 is the leading flagship hardware wallet that extensively adapts with the multiple layers in the security scheme.

Value proposition:

SafePal offers the best simple and secure wallet solution. These are mainly recommended by many crypto users for easily getting quick transactions. SafePal S1 Hardware Wallet Account offers complete day-to-day crypto management, which is mainly suitable for getting trustworthy methods. These are suitable options to

  • Store securely
  • Transfer and trade crypto assets
  • SafePal mainly aims in building a secure and easy to use wallet for crypto. These mainly have complete security attributes with a user-oriented spirit.

Authenticating S1 Hardware Wallet:

It is offer a secure software and hardware wallet for Crypto investors as well as traders. Normally, the wallet adds with SafePal S1 App, which is a one-stop solution. These allow the user to easily manage, store and trade the Crypto assets. Normally, the SafePal device authentication provides the high-end security mechanism mainly suitable for authenticating SafePal devices. It is also a suitable option for the user to receive the newer hardware wallet. Below are some of the steps that assure in authenticating the S1 hardware wallet.

Start Authentication Process:

  • Open Hardware Wallet
  • Select your preferred language
  • See “Device Authentication” interface
  • Click 'Next'
  • See unique QR code shown on S1 device

Enter The Verification Code:

  • QR code on S1 device
  • QR code will redirect you to a verification page
  • Click OK button
  • Enter the next step
  • See 6-digit code randomly generated by S1 device
  • Enter 6-digit verification code

Get Authentication Result:

  • Enter verification code on cellphone browser
  • Click 'Authenticate'
  • The device is a genuine device
  • Your device is safe to use

Activate The Device:

  • Open the S1 device
  • Click 'Next'
  • Scan QR code on the result page
  • Activate the S1 hardware wallet
  • The activation process takes a few minutes
  • Upon making the complete verification on the SafePal S1 Wallet, it is quite a convenient option for getting safer usage. These allow you to easily set the device by creating a new wallet. It is also quite a convenient option for recovering the existing wallet.

  • Open S1 device
  • Choose 'Create New Wallet'
  • Or choose 'Recovery My Wallet'.
  • By clicking 'Create New Crypto Hardware Wallet', you will be going on creating a new wallet for your usage. By clicking 'Recover My Wallet', you can easily import the existing wallet into the S1 device. These are suitable options for extensively storing and managing the existing crypto assets. It is a much more significant option for easily saving more money in the process.

What Is Cypher Seed Protection Board?


Launched in January 2019, SafePal S1 Hardware Wallet has become the most leading asset for the crypto space. Normally, the safepal hardware wallet supports more than 19 blockchains. These also mainly include the Binance Chain as well as Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It mainly excludes many numbers of native coins along with the tokens such as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Normally, the SafePal Cypher is ultimate 304-grade with a high-end stainless steel board. These are the perfect option for protecting the mnemonic phrases which are set by the user. Mainly, this secret group of words mainly represents the wallets on the hardware or software cryptocurrency.

Upon choosing the SafePal Cypher, it is quite a convenient option for easily getting everything offline. It makes a more convenient option for installation as well as a usage to the extent. SafePal Cypher is a suitable way for safeguarding the seed phrases. It is a much more efficient way to easily provide the compatible attributes that include the

  • Ledger Nano
  • KeepKey
  • Trezor
  • All the BIP39 hardware and software wallets

Having the SafePal Leather Protective Case:

The SafePal Leather Protective Case is a completely waterproof, scratch-proof and anti-drop leather case. These are unique options for performing the dual function for easily protecting the wallet. It is a suitable option for avoiding any bumps or scratches on the wallet. These are perfect options for extensively keeping the card safer even without any hassle.

How to Pair S1 Device with SafePal App?

Normally, the SafePal S1 Hardware Wallet is an offline device, so they could not be able to communicate with blockchain or the internet. It is quite important to sign the crypto transfer or even authorize the DApp login. These are the simple process for easily getting pair with SafePal App. Upon pairing, it is a much more significant option to easily broadcast crypto transfer with offline attributes.

  • Update SafePal S1 Wallet is quite easier and assures in pairing S1 device with SafePal App.
  • Download the SafePal App by scanning the QR code
  • Configure the security settings of the SafePal App
  • Download the SafePal App
  • Enter hardware wallet pairing process
  • Use S1 device to scan the QRcode on SafePal App
  • Pair them together
  • Installing the SafePal App is a quick option, and it takes only a few minutes for completing the process. Security settings on the SafePal App mainly include the

  • Security Password
  • Fingerprint
  • Pattern
  • Upon entering the hardware wallet pairing process, it is quite an easier option for choosing the appropriate Wallet. Read the instructions on SafePal App, then click “Next”. You will see the QRcode on SafePal App with entering the pairing process. Now you can access the S1 hardware wallet by clicking 'Scan' on the device. You can easily choose an S1 device for scanning QRcode on SafePal App. Entering the PIN-code on the S1 device gives you more options for getting your device pair.


    SafePal S1 Hardware comprises intuitive user interfaces which enable the user to easily store and transfer the coins. SafePal S1 Hardware Wallet Account provides you with a much safer option for easily gaining better attributes in saving time on the transaction.

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