How To Buy Bitcoin Using Coinflip ATM? - Coinflip ATM Near me

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Do you want to know how to buy bitcoin using Coinflip ATM? Then here this guide can give you some effective procedures to follow for doing bitcoin transactions using coinflip atm.

When you are having more physical cash on your hand and want to convert them into bitcoin, then sure Coinflip is the perfect choice for you. They are having a group of ATM networks where you can able to buy bitcoin easily with your physical cash.

There is around 1100 ATMs across every nation which is using bitcoin. With the $99 transaction fee, the fees are set at 6.99%. Therefore you can find a Coinflip ATM and start buying bitcoin very effectively.

You can make use of the Coinflip locator to find the ATM near you. Most of the ATM machines enable you to buy bitcoin. In case you want to sell bitcoin, there are particular ATMs that are especially available for that. Make sure you locate a suitable Coinflip ATM Near me for your need.

Procedure to buy bitcoin using Coinflip ATM:

The procedure is very simple and they are compatible with the crypto wallets. Reading the QR code can let you convert cash into bitcoin. Here you can follow the step by step procedure to buy bitcoin using Coinflip ATM:

  1. At first, you need to choose the currency type that you want to buy
  2. Then go through the terms and conditions and accept them to proceed further
  3. You have to enter your mobile number and then wait for the text message
  4. You will receive a code through SMS. Enter them on the screen
  5. You have to scan the QR code in the deposit screen with the bitcoin address that you want to buy
  6. Then you need to deposit the hard cast into the Coinflip ATM
  7. Finally, you can complete the bitcoin transaction and wait to get the deposit

Transaction limits for buying bitcoin:

Buy minimums may differ from one coin to another coin, starting at $5. The minimum purchase of bitcoin is around $20. The regular upper limits may differ based on the information that you are providing to Coinflip.

  • You can buy around $900 per day by making use of the phone number at the Coinflip ATM
  • For increasing your limit to around $2995 per day, you need to submit your original ID at the ATM. Then ATM takes you to follow further steps.
  • For increasing your limit to around $8000 per day, you must call them and then verify through Social Security Number (SSN) screening.

Process of using Coinflip ATM:

The process of using a Coinflip ATM is very simple. You have to choose the currency that you need to buy on the screen to buy bitcoin. After that, you can click the "BUY" option. Then the portal will let you know about the quantity of bitcoin that you need to get immediately. Then you have to scan the crypto wallet QR code via making use of the ATM scanner.

Then they will insert the bill after reaching the exact amount of bitcoin that you want to buy. Then you need to click the buy bitcoin option that you can find on the bottom right of the screen. Then you can broadcast the transaction to the respective network. Here you can go through the bitcoin to the wallet.  

Knowing the selling procedure can also be useful for you. You have to press the BTC button on the display screen to sell bitcoin. Then you can click the "SELL" option. Then you have to enter how much hard cash you want to withdraw. Then you can choose the total amount of cash that you want using certain increment options.

Then the ATM can print a redeemable voucher with the QR code and let you know about the bitcoin that you are sending to that address. After broadcasting the transaction, you have to wait for the network confirmation before withdrawing the cash. After making confirmation, you can go back to your terminal and then click the "Redeem Ticket" option and finally you can scan the vouch. Finally, you can dispense your cash very effectively.

Before heading to a Coinflip ATM:

Before heading to the Coinflip ATM, you must follow must best procedures:

Ø  You must need a crypto wallet

A digital wallet or crypto wallet enables you to access and store your cryptocurrency very safely without any issues. In case you are a beginner and want to buy bitcoin at ATM, then you can go with the non-custodial wallet.

For those who need more security for coins, then making use of a hardware wallet is the perfect choice for you. When you are not having any crypto wallet, at present, many Coinflip ATMs are ready to offer you a crypto wallet. With that, you can complete the bitcoin transaction most ultimately.

Ø  Find the nearby location

Find coinflip atm near me and then do the bitcoin transaction very effectively.  There is no need to run here and there to find a nearby location. Following simple steps can let you easily locate the Coinflip ATM near you. You can make use of the online ATM finder. Open it and then enter the location or zip in it.

After that, your nearby bitcoin ATM will appear along with the clear details. You can also get directions, hours of operation, and contact information. When you want to sell bitcoin, ensure that you are choosing the ATM that have both buy and sell option. Finding an ATM with a selling option is a rare thing. Therefore make sure that you have everything on your side.

Ø  Contact the support team

When you could not find the nearby ATM, then you can contact the coinflip customer service immediately. You have to tell them your current location. Then they will suggest to you the nearby location with the shortest route. Follow their procedure and get near the ATM very quickly.

From the above mentioned scenario, now you have got the idea about buying bitcoin using Coinflip ATM.

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