How to Secure your Aluminium Windows and Doors

by Pathlie Lee Business consultant

Although “hole-in-the-wall” gangs are alive and well, intruders usually prefer breaking in through doors and windows. If quantification is required, it’s available – 66% intrusions happen through windows while 33% through doors. Evidently, installing aluminium windows and doors should be the priority to keep your loved ones and prized possessions away from harm’s way. Contrary to the popular perception, upping your door and window security is easy and cost-effective provided some practical decisions are executed.      


Security screens:

With “security” right in the name, security screens are a proven deterrent to break-ins and thefts. However, they are often mistaken for fly screens used to ward off flies and insects but ineffective against burglary due to their fragile material and construction. Contrarily, security screens are generally made of stainless steel, which speaks for their high tensile strength and resilience to heat, moisture and other elements. Versatility is yet another redeeming trait, as they go well with every type of door and window, from sliding to hinged and bi-folded. Custom sizes, shapes and colours are readily available to complement the home’s exterior appearance. Better ventilation and unobstructed views are additional benefits of installing security screens.   


Toughened glass:

Glass covers the maximum area within aluminium doors and windows. As such, any protection will fail if the glass cannot withstand burglary attempts. Aluminium doors and windows generally come with toughened glass, which is better equipped to handle impact and heat vis-à-vis the normal glass. Since the safety glass costs more, many door manufacturers prefer going cheap, leaving the homeowner vulnerable to incidents. The bottom line here is to check whether the glass is a toughened one or not before ordering aluminium windows and doors.     


Heavy-duty locks:

Latches are a common fixture in sliding aluminium doors. However, these latches are simple and easy to bypass even for an amateur burglar. Just introduce a movement through coordinated jiggles, the door will slide open. The situation calls for investment on a heavy-duty lock that can hedge you against intrusion with its efficient loop structure. The lock is installed either on top or bottom of the stable panel to keep the position of the mobile panel intact when the door is closed. The extra money spent for a heavy-duty lock is apparently worth it.


Door alarms:

Installing door alarms is a proven response to a burglary. Once they are in place, you can easily detect any intrusion, as the alarm activates automatically every time the door is breached. The alarms are reliable, compact, affordable and easy to install and maintain. Not only the front door but the backdoor also deserves an alarm coverage, which, however, many fail to acknowledge only to pay the price eventually. The concealed entry/exit points offer criminals an opportunity to break in unnoticed because there are fewer prying eyes out there.



Many other well-known and not-so-well-known strategies can be applied for enhanced security. Door chains have been used as a security measure for centuries across cultures and are even relevant today. Installing a door viewer is a clever ploy to deter the entry of strangers.   

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