How to save money when buying office stationery

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Unlike office furniture and equipment, office supplies aren’t that expensive. The key difference in buying furniture and equipment is that they are bought once compared to office supplies, which are used daily and must be restocked on a regular basis. However, if you don’t have a good management and control system for your office supply expenditures, the expenses may obliterate your structural budget.

Luckily, you have various option available to control your expenses when spending on office supplies. If you have adequate space, buying in bulk is a smart way of reducing your expenses. Most of the brick and mortar only office supply stores enable you to buy supplies online with the option of free shipping. Nevertheless, the following strategies may help you to save money when buying your office supplies.

Necessary Supplies

Consider the office suppliers you order each time. You should compare if they are necessary or a requirement for your office use. Furthermore, before buying consider the quality of the items. You have to consider if to buy generic store brand or brand name supplies. For most people, saving money on most frequently bought items is the best option without considering if it has a brand name or not.

Compare Prices, Shop Online

Conduct your own investigation on the particular items you want to buy and compare prices of those you regularly buy. We are in a modernized world; you don’t have to visit the stores physically especially if they have the items on their website. You can buy all of your office supplies online without moving an inch from your office. However, ensure you put shipping costs into consideration because that tends to increase the overall cost. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the free shipping option offered by some online retailers but this comes with a minimum amount of supplies you can buy.

Negotiate a Purchase Contract

Assuming your company buys a considerable amount of office supplies each month, you can discuss with the supplier to sign a purchase contract. The secret to negotiating a contract to favor you is to identify the supplies you need most.


Bulk Ordering

Bulk buying is a smart way of saving money for your office supplies. For instance, rather than buying paper in 300 sheet packs, consider purchasing a case of 4000 sheets. Nevertheless, there are two tradeoffs regarding this: you have to save money to buy in larger quantities, and secondly, you have to store the bulk items.

Low prices on inexpensive items such as paper, pencils, and pens are not a good sign of overall prices. Most stores that reduce the price of these items often charge more on other items in order to make a profit. For those buying online, you can set up an account with such a supplier and get discounts on items. Large retailers offer great benefits to reward their customers through their retailer’s reward program.

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Luke Lamb in this article looks at tips in buying office stationery supplies. He further gave some tips on how to save when purchasing office stationery for your company.

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