How to Protect Windows from the risks of threats

by Uae Technician Computer Services

In the window that will open, click on Open System Restore and choose one of the available recovery points to start the recovery process of the operating system.

Once the procedure is started, it is no longer possible to go back: after a few minutes the system will be restored and Windows will return to the date and time of creation of the recovery point, as if nothing had happened.

If the PC does not start up correctly, we can use the last configuration that works well by activating the Windows boot menu.

This menu will automatically start at the slightest hint of problems; As soon as you see the boot screen with Windows boot failed, select the entry with the keyboard or mouseRestore your PC to use the created recovery point.

On the old Windows we can access the boot screen by repeatedly pressing the F8 key as soon as you start the PC and selecting the Restore last configuration definitely working .

2) Virtual machines

Another very effective way to protect Windows from changes is to use virtual machines with Windows (or any other operating system where we want to test).

The virtual machines are closed environments, which communicate little or nothing with the real machine (except inputs of course), so any dangerous program started or installed inside the virtual machine at most can damage the operating system of the same, without affecting the system files of the real machine.

For the purpose we can use the free VirtualBox program and an ISO of Windows 10

We can create the virtual test machine using the complete and detailed guide present at the following link; let's make sure that we do not activate any kind of sharing between the real and virtual machine, so as to reduce the risk of infection among the machines to zero.


3) Complete backup of the operating system

If we do not want to use virtual machines (which however consume system resources) we can do safe tests and protect Windows from dangerous changes by periodically performing a full backup of the operating system, to be saved in a memory external to the PC.

Once installed on the PC to be protected open it and click on Backup System ; we will see the partition where there is already selected Windows.

In the window we choose how to call the Backup, where to place it, an eventual planning (to perform automatic periodic backups) and start the backup by clicking on Proceed .

Depending on the size and speed of the hard disk where Windows 10 is present, the process could take hours, but at the end we can do all the appropriate tests without fear of losing Windows.

For recovery we can either use the same program (if Windows starts regularly) or use a recovery unit via DVD or USB stick to be inserted into the malfunctioning PC, so as to start a recovery environment where to select and restore the system backup as soon as created.

For security reasons, we recommend saving the system backup to an external disk (to be removed at the end of the procedure), to a NAS or to another network drive so that you always have it on hand even in case of disk failure original.

4) System freezing changes (Time Freeze)

The last method we recommend to use to protect Windows from changes and thus doing tests and tests without risk is to block system changes in a sort of "time machine", so as to go back any time from the boot (without going through the operating system).

The best free program to freeze changes on Windows is Toolwiz Time Freeze.

To use it, simply install it on the PC to be protected and start the Time Freeze mode offered by the program.

Upon restart our Windows will be completely identical to how we left it, but any kind of modification (including installation of programs and tools) can be simply deleted by "going back in time", ie deactivating Time Freeze mode, so as to lose immediately all changes made and safeguard the integrity of Windows 10.

Definitely one of the most effective and fast methods to protect Windows from modifications, so as to carry out tests and tests without risk on any type of program.

Note, however, that Time Freeze programs are a little 'fallen out of favor over time because of some problem with the restore (so that old programs like Returnil or Comodo Time Machine are no longer supported)

5) Sandbox

The simplest solution to avoid the risk of damaging the system with the installation of programs is that, already described in another article, to create a protected area called sandboxand start unknown programs in it.

This type of program works independently within Windows and does not require particular complicated procedures to use it, just start it and then, from the Sandboxie interface, open the programs.


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