Frequent Washing Machine Issues and How to Resolve Them

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Washing machines have become a crucial part of our day-to-day urban life. Without these wonder machines, you probably couldn’t deal with all that pile of dirty clothes every weekend in this hectic schedule. These machines not only save your time but also make your household chores less tiring.

But what happens when such a useful machine suffers from some technical issues? You have to either find a maid or look for a washing machine repair service. In this article, we’ll discuss some common washing machine issues and find solutions for them. 

Issues with Washing Machines:

Washing machines are advanced devices made up of several components. Hence, it is quite common to encounter various issues from time to time. In this section, we will take a look at those issues:

  1. Washing Machine won’t Open

If you own a front-loading washing machine you might have faced this problem quite often. No matter how hard you try you fail to open the door of your washing machine.


This mostly happens when you add excess water into the machine. The excess water, not only stops the cycle but also locks the door. Alternately, your washing machine door might get locked if the handle or the latch gets damaged due to some reason. A faulty interlock might also be responsible for a locked door.


To quickly resolve the issue make sure to completely drain the remaining excess water from your machine. A blocked drain hose might be the main reason for the door lock. In case you have a faulty interlock or latch then, you need to approach a professional washing machine repair service. 

  1. Washing Machine is Overflowing

How many times have you seen water overflowing out from your washing machine? This can be quite a messy and frustrating affair.


Every washing machine comes with a pressure switch. It uses air pressure to measure the level of water inside. Thereby, it instructs the washer how to perform and when to stop. If the pressure switch is broken or block the washer won’t know when to stop.

Sometimes a faulty water inlet valve can be the main reason behind this issue.


Check the pressure of your machine first. You need to turn off the machine, unscrew the top panel and then carefully check the pressure switch. But make sure to keep the user manual handy before you begin. 

However, it is always better to approach a reliable washing machine repair service. 

  1. Washing Machine Leaking

Sometimes, water and detergent might leak from your machine This can negatively impact the wash cycles in your machine.


There can be a number of reasons behind a leaking washing machine. Using the wrong detergent that too in excess amount can create excess suds and overfill the drum. Alternately, any crack or loose connection in the hose and the inlet filter screens can also cause the leakage. 

However, if the leakage is occurring from the front side then the door might have cracked or damaged. 


To ensure that your machine doesn’t leak use appropriate detergent in the right amount as directed. Also, check whether there are any damages in the hose or the filter screens. You might take guidance from the user manual of the machine as well.

In case the leak is caused by a damaged or cracked body part, you need to replace them urgently. For that, approach the best washing machine repair service. 

  1. Washing Machine won’t Move to the Next Cycle

The entire washing process includes three steps: wash, rinse and then spin. Your washing machine can get stuck at any one cycle and refuse to move to the next one. This is quite a common issue.


There’s a timer that controls each cycle. When the timer gets damaged it fails to control the cycles in your washing machine. Alternately, any defect with the door latch or the interlock can also possibly trigger this problem. 


It is quite easy to resolve this issue. You just need to purchase a new timer for your machine. However, make sure that the timer is compatible with your washing machine. You might need a professional handyman to get the faulty timer replaced. 

Also make sure that the drain pump removes excess water from the machine after each cycle.

Concluding Remark...

To sum up, your washing machine can face various issues. Some of them are too simple to worry about. Others, however, might be quite damaging. For such issues, you must take professional assistance from washing machine repair services.

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