How to Prevent Water Damage in Winter.

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Water damage can strike your home at any time, and when a pipe bursts or breaks, it becomes an annoyance for everyone involved. Your insurance company has to pay out thousands of dollars in water damage claims, and you have to deal with costly repairs and preventable damage to your property and possessions. While it’s impossible to control the weather, there are some things you can do to prevent water damage and having to call your local Kennesaw, GA, emergency water removal services by the time winter returns.

Here are some measures you can take to minimize the possibility of water damage this winter:
Protect Your Pipes

Frozen or burst pipes can prove to be a real and expensive nuisance. Exterior pipes are vulnerable to freezing temperatures. Here are three ways you can prevent your pipes from freezing over:

• Insulate pipes located outside or in unheated areas with insulation sleeves.
• Seal air leaks to keep warm air inside. You should do this in any areas with electrical wiring, dryer vents, and pipes.
• If you decide to leave your home for an extended period, you should keep your heat on and have someone you trust look after your home as a precaution.

The first sign of a frozen pipe is little or no water when you open your taps. If your pipes do freeze, you should contact your local plumber, and if one breaks, you should shut off your main water supply.

Protect Your Roof
Ice dams—ridges of ice that prevent melting ice and snow from draining down—can build up on your roof over the cold winter months. The accumulated water can leak into your roof, damage your gutters, and loosen your shingles. Take these three measures to prevent ice dams:

• Make sure the areas of your roof around eaves and downspouts are clear of snow to allow water to drain down safely.
• Clear your roof’s edge of excess snow if you can do so safely. If not, consider hiring a contractor.
• Make sure your attic is properly insulated and ventilated.

It is crucial that you make sure your roof is insulated and ventilated well; this will ensure that snow does not melt and freeze, and create an ice dam as a result.

No one wants to go through the exasperating process of emergency water removal in Kennesaw, GA, especially if it can be prevented. Depending on the level of water damage, the clean-up process can be a mild annoyance or a significant increase in your day-to-day activities. If you are at all worried about having to do so, you should consider taking these steps.


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