How To Preserve Your Teeth And Get Rid Of Bacterial Deposits?

by Xand Dental Innovations Dental Supply Company

Bacteria prefer moist and dark environment with lots of sugars for nourishment. This is why, your mouth is often their home. But if you do not brush properly and let them stay like that, it can create a sticky buildup of bacterial plaque in your teeth. Bacterial plaque causes gum disease and tooth decay, but all of these are preventable.

Do you know how? Go for deep cleaning treatment.

What is deep cleaning and why is it necessary?

A deep cleaning, or dental scaling and root planning, is a medical process for removing plaque bacteria that has built up along and under the gum line. This bacteria sometimes irritates the gums and causes inflammation. When the gums swell and recede away from the bacteria, the tissue automatically draws away from the teeth, forming pockets for plaque to build inside. Over time, this buildup hardens into tartar. If you wish to leave it as it is, this bacterial growth will destroy the teeth and their supporting bone.

To get rid of this, an effective method is put into the treatment with the use of ultrasonic scaling devices to gently vibrate away the plaque buildup. When a plaque deposit forms under the gum line, the ultrasonic vibration is used below it to remove those deposits. The site is then irrigated and an antibiotic is applied to the gum tissue to kill the bacterias. Usually the patient is prescribed to rinse with chlorhexidine or an all-natural tooth and gum tonic to completely reduce the bacteria count in the mouth. The use of a powerbrush and waterpik is sometimes recommended based on the severity of the damage. These types of advanced ultrasonic vibrators are available with many a reputed dental supply company in NSW.

Periodontal treatment, an alternative

Periodontal treatment is the removal of bacterial deposits and calculus from the surface of the teeth. It has been seen that after a thorough oral prophylaxis, the formation of biofilm (bacterial deposits) starts within a few hours. Just after a couple of days it matures in periodontopathic anaerobes thus, establishing gingivitis. When the plaque starts to mature a large number of gram-vegetative bacteria are established in the biofilm, which causes periodontal destruction. It also causes dental calculus, which is a form of calcium buildup on the surface of the tooth. Thus, periodontal treatment is very important to protect your teeth from damage and scaling.

As a general rule of thumb, brush your teeth on a regular basis for at least two times a day especially after having something to keep these problems away. 

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