How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

by Varun Malhotra Fashion Blogger

Everyone would agree that one of the best traits of being a gentleman is to smell good. One can dress well and be presentable, but if he lacks desirable fragrances, that will not give the best impression as such. Hence the objective here is to use perfumes that can take care of this factor. However, perfumes, if not applied correctly, cannot create desirable results, i.e., they would not last long. Therefore, you must know the nuances to make the perfume last longer by adopting the following techniques:


Timing is vital when it comes to applying perfumes. It is advisable to apply perfumes right after the shower because one is clean with open pores, thus absorbing them onto the skin. Using a perfume right after a bath can help in making the fragrance last longer than expected.

Applying on pulse points:

Ever wondered why most of the men apply perfumes on their pulse points? These points usually generate more body heat and produce natural oils. The fragrance then mixes with these oils and releases the scent. It is, therefore, advisable to apply perfumes on neck napes, elbow insides, wrists, etc. Another trick is to apply a moisturiser on the pulse point before spraying a perfume to make it last longer.

Not rubbing the perfume:

It is a bad practice to rub the perfume onto the skin as it will break the chemical components and allow them to dissolve quickly. Hence it is fine to gently dab the perfume on the skin as it will facilitate the long-lasting effect of the scent. You also need to remember that you should not rub the wrists together after applying the perfume on the wrist.

Having some backup:

Not every day can go as planned. Hence there might be a few instances where your perfume can lose its fragrance sooner. In such circumstances, you might want to put some perfume on a cotton ball and keep it under wraps. You can always use the cotton ball to touch up your fragrance.

Keeping your wardrobe scented:

This practice works well most of the time as you wear clothes which are already scented. In that way, you carry an additional fragrance wherever you go. Interestingly, you might not want to mix up both the scents, i.e., the one you are wearing and the other you have put on your wardrobe.

Not shaking your perfume bottle:

One should never shake his perfume bottle as air can get into the container, reducing the lifespan of the fragrances. We know that it is practically not possible to keep the bottle static every time, but the idea is not to allow air in to infuse with the scents.

Choosing the right perfume:

There are a plethora of options when it comes to selecting men’s body spray. It would help if you had a perfume that is friendly on the skin, lasts longer, or in other words, serves its purpose. If your fragrance refuses to leave you despite a workout, hectic day of office, you have got the right kind of deal.  


By using the above tips, you can up your fragrance game to last as long as possible. Begin the process by purchasing the right type of men’s body spray for your needs. Storing it well and avoiding anything that might cause the scent to vaporise quickly.

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