Benefits of Using a Charcoal Face Mask for Men You Can’t Ignore

by Varun Malhotra Fashion Blogger
Everything worth having comes at a price, clean and healthy skin is no exception to this rule. At some time or another, you have probably been guilty of taking your skin for granted, and not doing enough to maintain a proper skincare routine. In this modern age, there are many demands on your time, and you might not have been able to give your skin the care it needs. In those moments, it is important to remind yourself that taking fifteen minutes, once or twice a week, is all it takes to keep your skin healthy, glowing, and young. 

How to Give Your Skin the Best Possible Care in Fifteen Minutes

You are probably already aware of the need to regularly wash and moisturise your face, but there is an important step, which is missing from this process. Regular washing and moisturising do not reach your deep skin pores, which become cesspools of dirt, excess oil, dead skin cells, and germs. To complete your skincare, you should consider adding a charcoal face mask to your routine. A charcoal mask takes care of cleaning the debris out of your skin pores and gives you the best skin possible. In addition to cleaning out your skin, using a charcoal face mask has other fringe benefits, which you might not expect. 

Advantages of Using a Charcoal Face Mask 

Regular use of a charcoal face mask adds ten to fifteen minutes of stress-free time to your day. Between the application of the face mask and washing off the mask, you get ten minutes where you can just relax and meditate on life. Think of yourself as being pampered in a salon and let yourself bask in your the time you get. 

Not only that, using activated charcoal has also been known to improve your blood circulation. Improved blood circulation helps in reducing the signs of ageing on your skin and leaves it looking fresh and bright. You can worry less about the signs of ageing showing up on your face, with the regular use of a charcoal mask.

If that’s not enough, adding a charcoal face mask to your skincare routine improves the effectiveness of all your other skin products. Since charcoal removes debris and cleans the pores of your skin, all other products can then easily absorb themselves into your skin and work their magic. After you use your face mask, you can use an anti-ageing cream or a face serum.

How to use a charcoal face mask? 

You should take a generous portion of the face mask onto your fingers and slowly wipe it across all the areas of your face, such as your forehead, your cheeks, and your nose. Once you have covered the larger areas, move in and cover the gaps between them. You should spread your face mask quickly and evenly across your face because charcoal face masks are known to dry off quickly. After application, give your mask ten to fifteen minutes and then peel it off. Use a warm cloth to clean out any bits of the mask that are still left. Also, be careful not to let your charcoal face mask touch your facial hair since the mask will stick to your hair and you run the risk of removing your hair along with the face mask. 


Using a charcoal face pack is a cost effective and effective way to give your skin the care it deserves. Not only does a face mask help with cleansing and combating ageing, but it also removes blackheads and prevents acne. It’s one solution for a number of facial skin problems. 

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