How To Maintain Your Roof

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The crown jewel of any house is the roof. It can give a house a pop of color and extra character. But above all, it protectsa home from various elements. Snow, hail, sleet, and even heat can be kept away. But this level of protection takes its toll and leads to wear and tear. Read on to find out how to detect and restore possible damage.You should note that, while you might be able to do the repair by yourself, it's still best to consult a professional. Try your local roofing supply company in Fairburn, GA.


Rust and Cracks

Inspect your roof and check for any blemishes, such as lost, broken, or chipped shingles. If you do find such problems, replace the affected parts right away.If these cracks and breaks are left untreated, water can seep into the wooden supports, compromising their durability in the long run.


As for rusting, rub or pressure wash the surface to get rid of all dirt. This will reveal all the corroded areas. Scrub them away with a wire brush and some sandpaper. A rust inhibitor can also be used to neutralize the oxide. Replace all rusty screws, washers, and bolts to keep them from eating at the roof material.


Moss Growth

The humid and wet surface makes it the perfect environment for moss development. While that doesn't sound like a big deal at first, the plant can grow and affect the roof'sshingles. As a result, the pieces are pushed up, making it easier for them to be blown away. To solve this problem, simply clean the green away with the help of a special cleansing solution. You can buy it at a roofing supply store or make one yourself. Simply mix equal parts of laundry strength chlorine bleach and water. A spritz of this can break down the moss formation,and the residue can be rinsed or swept away.


Debris Build Up

Roofs have a sloped design to enable drainage. Elements like rainwater and hail can slide down the top, into the gutter, and through the downspout. However, this pipe can't completely empty the area. Some objects, such as leaves and twigs, may not be able to pass through. This debris can clog the gutters, preventing drainage. The collected waste and liquid can lead to the development of rust, leaks, and mold. All of these can compromise the trough's integrity. The worst case scenario would be its unfastening. Clear them away by hand or with a soft broom. When removing debris, make sure to do it as gently as possible to prevent breaking.



If you find that some fixes aren't of much help, then it may be the right time for a major repair or roof replacement. Contact a roofing supply company in Fairburn, GA now for an initial inspection and quotation.

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