How to Maintain Emergency Contact While Using a Mobile Phone Jammer?

by Deepak Kumar Digital Marketing
In the modernized world, everything has elevated to the next level of technological advancement. Amid this advancement, there is hardly any zone to relax and relieve oneself like the old days. The cell phone, which is one of the greatest inventions, of mankind, is the core factor to cause chaos today. Besides resulting chaos, it is also a major distracting element for adults as well as for children. The gadget diverts people from performing their daily work, especially children from concentrating on their studies.  As a result, a counter device is required to lessen its effects, and help people work in peace and without getting disturbed. Use a mobile phone signal jammer to limit the cell phone usage at your home and workplace. The mobile signal jammer is an effective device to avert cell phone usage, without switching off the cell phone.

Before installing a mobile signal jammer, it is necessary to understand how it works. So, here is the detailed information about working of the jammer.
How does a Mobile Phone Jammer Work?

An activated jammer obstructs the cell phone signals from reaching to the network base station. To cause disruption, it sends its own signals at the same frequency as the cell phone sends.  Thus, the base station does not catch the signals of cell phone and the mobile signal jammer intrudes in the signal transmission process. By not receiving signals from the base station, the cell phone becomes dysfunctional temporarily.

Usually, the mobile phone signal jammer is used at government buildings, defense and military services, hospitals and other related places. The mobile signal jammer is deliberately used in these places to prevent hackers from accessing sensitive information and also, to maintain peace. Besides creating a peaceful environment, the jammer helps people concentrate on their work and in turn builds a positive work environment. After witnessing multiple uses of the jammer and its growing need in other areas, its usage is now permitted in the public domains too. So, you can use the jammer at your workplace, home and other places, to create a peaceful atmosphere. 

Usually, it is believed that after enabling the jammer communication to all bands get disrupted, including emergency bands. However, this is wrong as access to the emergency contact does not get hindered in any way. Actually, the mobile signal jammer does not block some predefined zones, by default. These pre-defined zones are-

1.    EMS bands

2.    Hospital services pager bands

3.    Police bands

4.    Fire bands

You can communicate these bands, even when the mobile phone signal jammer is active. Thus, you can protect yourself from falling into hazardous situations. By getting this access, people can work freely in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere, without getting worried.

To recognize this fact, you can try it yourself at a “no cell phone zone”. Thus, using a mobile signal jammer will not deter your access to emergency bands. You can contact different emergency bands in the hour of need.

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