Drainage Fittings And Pipes For Different Drainage Systems

by Deepak Kumar Digital Marketing
It is certain that a drainage system is very important for any residential, commercial and industrial building but do we have any knowledge of it? There are so many different types of plumbing fittings and pipes which we do not even have any hint of. Different constituting materials are used to process different types of pipes and fittings. Major parts of world are using plastic pipes for various drainage and plumbing solutions.

Types of Drainage Systems

When we scrutinize the drainage systems, there are two different types of these. Both of these drainage systems have different types of plumbing fittings and pipes used in them. The categories of drainage systems are as follows:

a)      Underground drainage system

b)      Above ground drainage system

A drainage system comprises of a network of drainage pipes and fittings. These are implemented in measures of their efficiency in drainage systems. An underground drainage system, as the name symbolizes is implemented below the ground level.

 These drainage systems are employed with strong enough drainage pipes. Mostly, pipes and fittings which are processed from synthetic plastic are used in these drainage systems. The drainage pipes and fittings which are used in these drainage systems are very high in strength and are able to supply tremendous amounts of water through them. The pipes and fittings which are used in underground drainage systems are anti-corrosion. You must know that these pipes are free from any kind of microbial growth. Scaling and abrasion are out of question when plastic pipes are taken into consideration.

If we talk of above ground drainage system, there are usually lighter in weight pipes installed in it. Network of pipe which is used in these drainage systems are quite flexible. Keeping in mind the different type of surfaces that these are installed at, these pipes are processed with huge amount of plastic to make it more flexible. Not just flexibility, these pipes are also quite strong. Strength helps in drawing different flow of water through them. It is advised to use those drainage pipes which are flexible and strong to supply water efficiently.

Well, it is not wrong if we admit that we do not have any kind of knowledge about drainage systems. These are essential for every commercial, industrial and residential building but we really do not know what type of drainage pipe and fitting we can call as ideal. There are a lot of pipe manufacturing companies which are producing fittings and pipes for drainage and water distribution. Rely only upon those plumbing and drainage fittings which can be used for a long term. Drainage pipes are a necessity and it is important to use those pipes which can prove effective in water delivery.

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