How to locate invisible photos in your Office Setup 365 Word Document

by Arpit U. SEO

An image in your Microsoft word document can speak a thousand words. But sometimes, they are extra annoying when you try to scroll down the page and read the content. However, sometimes they don’t just appear no matter how hard you try to make the image visible. Office Setup Word Document has its own downsides when it comes to saving an HD image loaded with heavy graphics. Download the Office Setup Product Key to download latest upgrades free from such issues.   

In this article, we will split the concept into two different sections. First, we will discuss how to locate a hidden image in your MS Word Document and second, learn to hide images in a box for better readability. Office com setup offers you potential Word features to keep up your work productivity.

Potential reasons for “Invisible Images”

Many users have Office Setup product key to activate office Setup 365 on computers and laptops, however, they sometimes make the wrong changes in the settings and face several issues such as Word document stops saving images that previously added to word document. When you open the Word, the image would be gone. This problem might extend to other devices that are networked together.

Let me tell you that Office Setup 365 never stops saving your images. Your document keeps saving the photos as before, but you won’t be able to locate it when you access the Word file as they are hidden. If the problem occurs in other devices that’s because they are networked together, they share the same file that are stored in a cloud-network.

Inaccurate settings in your word documents could be a possible reason for “Invisible” images. However, how you “Add” the images or “View” the document may also trigger visibility issues (such as “Draft” view or “Print Layout View”). Another problem might occur due to the large size and origin of images (where you’ve downloaded the image). While using your Office Setup Product key to install Office setup, make sure to enable “picture placeholder”.   

Some potential fixes:

·         Put extra space between images and text to make the image visible in “draft” view

·         Correct your Word Settings

·         Change the settings from “draft” view to “print layout” view

·         If you add a photo in Word as a “drawing”, then photo can only be visible in “Print Layout” view not in “Draft”

·         Make sure to download a photo from the web, instead of the link to photo’s online location. You system must be connected for the photo to be appear on the printer.

·         Change Office 365 settings to prevent photos from becoming “invisible”. The new settings eliminate the “picture placeholder”, enable printing of photos added as drawing and prevent the text-line spacing issue that triggers the “invisibility” issues.    

How to Hide Photos in your Microsoft Office 365 Word document?                    


1.       You can use “placeholder” settings for photos to help maintain the display of the document. “Picture placeholder” is a unique feature, they don’t delete all the images from the document, instead they just hide them to allow your document work faster. A box will display in its place that contains the image.

2.       Open your Microsoft Office Word Document

3.       Go to the “File” option and then click on “Advanced” button  

4.       Now, in the “Advanced” tab, locate the “Show Picture Placeholder” underneath the “Show Document content“list and click on it

5.       Click “OK” to save the changes in the settings. A box will replace any picture in your document

6.       To view the image, you can uncheck the box or go to “View”

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