How To Know If Your Trailer Tyres Need Replacement?- A Guide!

by James Spencer Blogger

In words of experts - one should replace their trailer tyres in every three to six years. Alternatively; you should look to change your tyres once it has reached its mileage lifespan of 5,000-12,000 miles. Though this range may vary, on an average it does serve a good starting point.

  1. TREADS On Your Trailer Tyres:- 

Treads on tyres are used to lend that gripping action along with the traction that prevents the trailer from sliding and slipping on the driveways and roadways.

So, you can start by checking for signs of uneven wear and tear patterns. As a rule of thumb- if your tyre tread is worn by 2/32 of the inch; one should look to replace it. Tyes consists of in-built tread wear indicators which assist one realise when to replace them. 

These indicators are elevated sections with intermittent spaces at the base of the tread grooves. And when these indicators look even with the outside of the tread, it is an indication that the tyres need replacing. 

  1. PUNCTURES, CRACKS & FOREIGN OBJECTS In your Trailer Tyres:-

Cracks, punctures and foreign objects allow the air to escape out of the tires. And if one isn’t able to find them out in time, then it could lead to a potential blowout or worse.

So, look to remove those foreign objects by plugging the hole and patching up the hampered area within. And if this still doesn’t give you the desired results, then it is a clear case of the tyre sidewalls being punctured. 

Look to get it repaired by professionals as quickly as possible to avoid more expensive damages.

  • DEFORMITIES or DAMAGE On The Trailer Tyres:- 

Perhaps the commonest sign of tyre failure is if it gets deformities or damages on its surface. Pick-up trucks and trailers are mainly off-road vehicles.

Meaning it will travel through rough turfs and terrains consisting of small stone chips, glass bits and even other small but sharp objects. When rolling over them, these trailer tyres pierce into the tyres and damage it from within.

Clear giveaways for such issues is if one finds bald spots, bulges, cuts, flat spots. Look for them, and if you find any, then it is an indication that your tyres need replacing soon.

  1. CRACKS IN THE VALVE STEM Of The Trailer Tyres:- 

When inspecting the condition of the tyres; one ought to also check for cracks in the valve stem. The valve stem is used to inflate the tyre, and if there are cracks or cuts, then one should get it replaced immediately to avoid inconveniences and accidents.

  1. Lastly, IF IT IS VERY OLD:-

Of course, the most obvious reason to replace your old tyres is that they have gotten old by months and months of rough use. The average tenure of truck tyres in Sydney (or elsewhere) is approximately 5-years. But depending on the amount, frequency and severity of use, they cut-down to 3-years. 

If the present tyres are way past that, then don’t think twice. Contact a reliable trailer part supplier in your region, purchase it and attach it with the help of a good repairman.

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