Be Careful When Buying Replacement Tyres: A Guide

by Coventry Tyres Automotive

The tyre market is constantly expanding with increasing demand and avenues for multiple uses and needs. The traditional way of using standard tyres everywhere is long gone because now tyre brands offer better security and comfort, suiting your needs. Therefore, no more compromising with the performance; you can get just what you want. Additionally, if you buy according to the vehicle's specifications, you can further improve its performance and safety. 

Since the tyre variety is endless with multiple specifications and xclusive uses, deciding which tyre is best for you could be tricky. Therefore, take note of your terrain and priority and hit the dealership with a set mind. The rudimentary tyre knowledge is enough for you to make an informed decision. Also, keep a regular check on your current set of tyres to know the appropriate time for replacement without risking safety and performance. Here is a guide to assist you by listing down the things you must keep in mind before buying replacement tyres.


The stock car tyres are all-season Churchill Tyres Luton to suit every customer’s demands. However, all-season tyres are only good for mild to moderate seasons. If you experience extreme weather, you must buy tyres exclusively built for a specific season. 

For example, winter tyres must be preferred for extreme cold weather. Therefore, they are made of advanced polymer compounds that don't stiffen up when the temperature drops. Also, the tread pattern technology is adapted according to the snowy and icy conditions to ensure smooth forward movement.

Similarly, summer tyres have asymmetrical tread patterns to ensure maximum rubber contact for improved responsiveness and efficient braking. In addition, they are made of more complex compounds to maintain form under the scorching heat. 


If you mess up with the tyre’s dimensions, you will get heavy steering and complex handling. Also, the tyres will make noise and cause immense driving discomfort. Therefore, for optimum performance, buy tyres with stock tyre dimensions. To get the stock tyre’s dimensions, you can refer to the owner’s manual or look at the sidewalls for an alphanumeric code. 

Additionally, if you want to go for upsizing or downsizing, do not buy a smaller tyre than the rim size. Otherwise, the sidewall height will increase, which will cause trouble in handling and hamper the suspension system.


Do not look for saving a few bucks by going for budget tyres instead of branded ones. Tyres define the vehicle’s safety, comfort and performance; all these factors are crucial and can’t be compromised. Premium brands use top of the line rubber compounds mixed with vital oils to improve traction and life. Therefore, you will get better value for money with the premium Cheap Tyres Luton in the longer run.

Additionally, budget tyres use obsolete tread and sidewalls technology, which hinders the wet grip handling and causes increased noise, vibration, and harshness in the cabin. Further, you get an extended warranty period on premium brand tyres in case of any manufacturing defect.


Tread patterns differ according to the tyre variety and use. You can choose from conventional, symmetrical and asymmetrical treads. Traditional treads have the least rolling resistance, and they offer standard traction and flexible tyre rotation. Similarly, symmetrical treads are good for reducing braking distance at high speeds. Asymmetrical treads are high performance and provide enhanced corner steering ability. Therefore, choose a tread pattern according to your specific needs, budget and requirements.

Also, take care of the tread depth, which must not be less than 1.6 mm. Any less than that, and your vehicle will run the risk of MOT test disqualification. Additionally, the risk of skidding and sliding on wet surfaces will increase. Conversely, please do not buy a tyre with too much depth unless it is winter or an off-roading tyre. Excessive tread depth increases the rolling resistance, thereby increasing the fuel economy and handling difficulty.

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