How to Keep Fiber Optic Cables in Premium Condition

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Unlike coaxial cables, fiber optic cables do not last long if they are mishandled. This is why premium care is needed to ensure that the optic fibers remain intact for higher and faster data transfer. Since optic fiber is fragile in nature, it requires extra attention and premium maintenance. Negligence in handling will not only harm the fibers, but it will also threaten your safety since the fibers contain a glass tube. Upon breakage, those glass shards can cause extreme damage which is what you need to avoid.

Keeping this in mind, here are a few things you can do to keep your fiber optic cables intact. Following these guidelines will also help you keep yourself from harm!

Fiber Optic Cables Maintenance

Because of its durable nature, fiber optic cables are extremely popular when it comes to industrial use. However, the lack of proper maintenance can wear out or damage the cables which will take a toll on their performance. So, here are a few tips that can assist you greatly!

·         Fiber optic cables have thin glass tubes. Although they are flexible to some extent; however, bending them tightly can cause the glass to break. When it comes to bending, a good rule of the thumb is to bend it at a radius of 10mm as anything beyond that will shatter the glass tubes.

·         To protect the ends of the fiber optic cable, always place rubber safety caps. Also, invest in connectors since they can lessen the damage to the fiber optic cables ends during the plugging or unplugging process. You can buy quality connectors from online stores as well.

·         To avoid damage through stress, always anchor your fiber optic cables. Since stretching or pulling the cable can be detrimental to the connectors, it is better to secure the entire fiber optical cable.

·         Avoid hitting the connectors on hard surfaces. This is because smacking the cables on any hard surface, say your desk or floor, can damage the connector which will take a toll on your connectivity.

·         Invest in a good short fiber extension if you are prone to connecting and disconnecting your fiber cables. As the frequent attaching and de-attaching can damage the cable so it is better to attach a fiber extension as they can absorb the damaging effects. Also, the extensions are cheaper than the optical fibers so it can help you save up in the long run.

·         Keep the fiber optic cables connectors nice and clean. Dirt is the biggest enemy of the connectors since it can scratch the ends which can expose it to detrimental environmental factors i.e. air and water. This can render the fiber optic cables useless. To protect them, you can invest in cleaning kits or push-type cleaners.  On the other hand, you can also utilize isopropyl acid and lint-free pads to clean dirt from every nook and cranny.

·         If you are installing the fiber optics in a place that is already crowded with other cables, try looking into innerducts. Orange in color, innerducts are hard plastic tubes which can house a couple of cables in it. It is a great option for optic fiber cables since innerducts are difficult to bend and protects the cables from damage.

·         Avoid stretching the fiber optic cables. This is because when the cables are stretched the insides stretch as well and when the cable contracts, the insides are pinched in the process. This wears out the glass tubes which affects the data transmission process.

Fiber Optic Cables Storage Recommendations

Just like outdoor cat6 cable, fiber optic cables require extreme care when handling the extra cable. There are various things a person could do to properly store the cables. However, the following are the most suitable recommendations, the implementation of which can protect the fiber optic cables for better data transmission. But before following the recommendations, make sure that the ends of the cables are secured during the storage.

·         Find a proper place to store your cables. Ideally, they should be stored in a place where they cannot come in contact with outside or environmental factors.

·         The reel onto which the cable is wrapped around should be secured in an upright position. Also, make sure that the resting surface is devoid of any bumps or uneven structure as it could damage the fiber optic cables.

·         If you want to transfer the fiber optic cables from one place to another, then it is better to secure the reel firmly. This is to ensure that the reel does not move around on its own.

·         Never store the fiber optic cables in a place that is susceptible to flooding. Also, keep it in a place that does not have any moisture. A dry room with a flat ground is the ideal place for storing the fiber optic cables.

·         When it comes to manually moving the cables, never drop the reel down to roll it around as this can damage the cables. The best way to transfer is by using a forklift or a reel mover.

Additionally, always ensure to assess the fiber optic cables before storing them. This way you would know about the condition of the cable and if it sustained some damage during its storage, then it would be easy for you to avoid that particular storage place altogether. On the other hand, if the fiber optic cable does not sustain any damage during its storage period, then you have found a perfect storage place that could be used in the future as well.


Fiber optic cables are fragile in nature. Without proper handling and care, you could cause irreversible damage that could end up costing you money. Additionally, the lack of proper care can also slow the speed rate at which the data is transferred.

The care and handling of fiber optic cables come in two ways; care during installation and care during the storage procedure. Both of these tasks require attention for the longevity of the cables. Keeping this in mind, we have offered a range of caring tips and recommendation that can be of assistance. So before handling fiber optic cables, we recommend you to go through the above-mentioned tips and suggestions. Moreover, you can also consult with a professional for your unique handling or storing needs.    

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