This is what you must know About Fiber Optic Cables

by Ryan Brown Worldwide Leading Supplier

To carry information from a source to a destination a transmission medium is required. Having to travel a long distance the information is usually a signal.

The transmission media for this can be wireless or wired. From one device to another the signal travels along the SC cable in wired transmission. But in wireless transmission without using a physical conductor the electromagnetic waves are transmitted.

Around for a long time Fiber optic cables have been. As they are resistant and lightweight to weather conditions they are preferred by many people. They have very few data blockages as are very small and thin.

In the optical fiber, two modes of propagation of light are possible such as single mode and multimode. Through the core multiple beams from a light source move by the help of Multimode fiber. From the center to the edges the core density remains constant in multimode step-index fiber.

But from the center of the core to its edge core density gradually decreases in multimode graded-index fiber. As compare to step-index less distortion in the signal is created by Graded-index fiber. You can buy the FC cable online.

In the form of light, a fiber optic cable transmits signals. To guide light through a channel Optical fiber use reflection. Two main parts are there: cladding and core.

As compare to cladding Core is denser and is made up of glass or plastic. Cladding to core acts as a protective cover. Instead of being refracted into it a beam of light moving through the core is reflected off the cladding, which is the difference in density of cladding and core.

Fiber Optic Cables

Their many types of fiber optic cables are there that can be used. The most common ones are:

LC/SC: for high-bandwidth applications SC cable is ideal. For up to 300 meters it supports 10 Gbps data speeds. Operating at 850 nm the cable uses VCSEL light sources. Making it possible for it to be used in 50/125 network equipment the cable also supports the backward flow of information.

RJ45 multi-mode SC: You can convert fiber connections to copper-based cabling by the help of this. Along with great distances they also allow you to extend cat type network and you can purchase FC cable online.

Care of Fiber Optic Cables

They tend to be affected by dirt, dust and other contaminants although, it's rare for the cables to get broken or damaged. The cool thing is that by cleaning the cables you can get rid of these contaminants.

You can do the cleaning in two ways: dry and wet cleaning. For wet cleaning, you should apply a few drops of isopropyl alcohol by folding a piece of lens paper a few times. In a vertical position, you should then hold the optic cable and to the lens paper press its end.

Only that you use lint-free wipes Dry cleaning is similar to wet cleaning. As it tends to damage the lens you should be cautious of dry cleaning.


This is what about fiber optic cables you need to know. You should ensure that they are of high quality for them to last for a long time. You should also be sure that at the right areas you use them.

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