How to increase Sperm Count, its quantity and quality?

by Mangal Barot Digital Marketing Experts

Several causes can explain the difficulties of conception but in almost half of the cases; it is a problem of male fertility. However, it is possible, on a daily basis, to influence the quality and quantity of sperm! If diet and healthy living play an essential role, new methods can boost your fertility. Let’s know how to increase sperm count better with these points.

Focus on the foods to integrate into your eating habits to boost your sperm production and, as a bonus, a golden rule that few people know to increase your testosterone levels!

Male fertility: how to preserve it & how to increase sperm count?

The sperm contains a variable sperm concentration of around 40 to 200 million per mm 3. Below 20 million sperm, the concentration is considered abnormal and can cause fertility problems.

Who are responsible? Heredity can be involved as well as endocrine disruptors (pesticides, phthalates that may be present in plastic ...). If it is complicated to act on these factors, you can however improve your lifestyle to preserve your fertility:

  • Practice regular physical activity: avoid excessively violent sports which could have the opposite effect.
  • Forget clothes that are too tight: know that it is essential to keep your testicles at the right temperature.
  • Stop smoking and Tobacco consumption: tobacco reduces the number of sperm but also their mobility.

  • Watch your weight: studies have shown that the amount of sperm decreases with increasing weight.

Pay attention to your diet: keep reading and you will know everything about the diet to adopt to preserve your fertility! Let’s know how to increase sperm count by food better with these points.

Foods to increase sperm count and boost fertility-

Foods and fruits to increase sperm count and motility include-

A diet dominated by processed foods and saturated fats can adversely affect the quantity and quality of sperm. So watch out for industrial dishes and Fast Food, which both have a negative impact on your fertility and on your health in general.

Conversely there are foods that can help increase the number of sperm. These foods are to be introduced into your diet but especially to be kept in mind, knowing that it takes 3 months for sperm to renew, you will understand the importance of following this diet over time.

- Zinc: you can easily find it in oysters, beef, beans and chicken.

- Vitamin C: present as well in oranges, lemon, cabbage, peppers or even peas. You can also take supplements to help you. The ones we have selected come from 100% organic plant extracts. No chemicals are used, even the solvent is natural (water and lemon). A totally natural Vitamin C to improve the quality of your sperm!

- Folic acid: bet on asparagus, beets, broccoli, lemon.

- L-arginine, L-cartinine and L-Lysine : dairy products, red meats, spinach, chicken, sesame seeds, eggs or even tuna contain these amino acids.

- Garlic: the allicin it contains makes it possible to increase blood flow.

To know more about how to increase sperm count, how to increase sperm count by food, what are the food to increase sperm count or fruits to increase sperm count and motility, visit the best fertility clinic in India.

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