Genetic Testing For Infertility and Its Cost in India

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Infertility can be possible because of many reasons like lifestyle, factor hormonal issues, structural issues and many more. It is estimated that genetics are a contributing factor in nearly 50% of couples who experience problems in conceiving due to genetic defects. And Genetic Testing is something that can help many couples to understand the reason for infertility and help someway in completing their family.

How Genetic Testing Helps in Infertility?

Couples opt for genetic testing to ensure a genetically normal and healthy baby. In those cases maybe they were having past genetic diseases that they do not want to pass to their young generation.  In another case, It may be possible, female partner have the poor egg quality, or couple is facing issues in conceiving and they have gone through IVF cycles and still not conceived.

What is Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Embryos?

The PGT process known as Preimplantation Genetic Test involves screening cells from embryos for genetic diseases and chromosomal disorders. This testing is performed with IVF known as In-Vitro Fertilization and occurs before embryo transfer before pregnancy is achieved.

PGT-A for aneuploidies offers information about embryos genetic health to help health care experts to choose the best embryos for transfer and better your chances to get conceive.

PGT-A is performed to understand the amount of genetic material within IVF embryos.  The genetic material with structures known as chromosomes and it’s very important for overall growth and development.

Usually, Embryos with the wrong or an incorrect number of chromosomes unable you to get a successful pregnancy or may lead to the birth of a child with a genetic condition.

Embryos which are having a proper number of chromosomes may lead to a successful pregnancy.

 What Role PGT-A plays in Genetic Testing for IVF?

v  PGT-A is the best options for those who are going under IVF. As the age of women increases, the potential for chromosomally abnormal embryos also increases.  PGT- A increases the chances for all those women to get pregnant successfully.

v  Benefits of PGT- A in Women’s

(a)                Better Chances of getting pregnant.

(b)               Decrease the risk of miscarriage.

(c ) Hire confidence in transferring a single embryo, health risk decreases.

(d)The number of IVF cycles decreases needed to achieve a successful pregnancy, reducing the time and costs of extra cycles.

(e) Reduced Risk of miscarriage

When to Consider PGT?

Preimplantation Genetic Testing can help you increase the chances of getting pregnant through IVF. PGT is successful in the cases mentioned below:

(1)                If your age is above 35

(2)                If gone through unsuccessful IVF Cycles before

(3)                If male infertility issues in the partner

(4)                If previous pregnancy with a chromosomal condition.


Genetic Testing Cost in India

The cost of a genetic test in India depends upon the nature and complexity of the test. The cost of a genetic test in India increases if more than one test is necessary or other family members are tested to obtain the right results.

If you’re also facing infertility problems and your age 35+ then consider Genetic Test for increasing the chances of getting pregnant. c For more details, book your appointment with Infertility Expert! 

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