How to Get Rid Of Black Dots on the Nose

by Rachel Willy Marketing Manager

Black Dotson, the skin of the face, is a common problem not only among young girls; women of mature age are also susceptible to it. There are black dots, they are called comedones, as a result of blockage of pores with sebum. The greasy cork accumulates dirt, dead cells on its surface and as a result become dark in color. The accumulation of black spots occurs on the wings of the nose, on the forehead and chin; in especially difficult cases, the cheeks, temples, sometimes shoulders, chest and back suffer.

To put a face in order and get rid of ugly comedones, it is not necessary to visit beauty salons, and it can be done at home.

Facial cleansing by mechanical removal of black dots before carrying out the cleaning procedure, you should thoroughly wash your face from cosmetics and dirt. Next, in any container you need to pour boiling water, tilt your face above the steam, covering your head with a towel.

The steaming procedure lasts 15-20 minutes. So that cleaning was also therapeutic, instead of water use decoctions of medicinal herbs - chamomile, celandine, bay leaf. After steaming, grease plugs can be removed mechanically. To do this, you need a clean towel that needs to wrap the index fingers of the hands, after which they gently press on the skin in the area of the comedo. If the face is well steamed, the grease plug will easily come out. Apply force and push until the appearance of redness cannot, so you can injure the skin. After the procedure, wash with cool water or a fresh decoction of herbs.

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Hot skin packs can be used for skin steaming. To do this, place a gauze section in the herbal decoction, slightly squeeze and apply to the problem area. Wait until it cools and continues the procedure. Folk remedies for cleaning the face from black spots Simple healing masks help get rid of comedones and reduce their appearance. Before applying the mask should wash with soap and rinse the mask itself with warm water, but without soap. Salt mask. Salt and soda in one spoon mixed with a small amount of any means for washing, distributed to problem areas, left for 5-7 minutes.

Kefir mask. It is necessary to thicken the face with fresh kefir and wash it off after five minutes. Oatmeal mask Grind oatmeal in a coffee grinder, mix a teaspoon with honey and leave on face for 5 minutes. Another method - before applying the night cream problem areas are lubricated with ethereal tea tree oil, which has a strong bactericidal property and tightens pores. No less effective mask-film based on egg white - whip fresh protein in a cool foam, apply on the nose, and fix the mixture on top with a napkin, then put another layer of protein. After 30 minutes, remove the mask with sharp movements, apply a nourishing cream on the skin.

You can also make a mask film based on gelatin: 1 spoon of milk; 1 tablet of activated carbon in crushed form; 1 spoon of gelatin. Pour warm milk into a cup, add gelatin and coal, mix and send the mixture to a water bath, so that the gelatin is completely dissolved. Apply the mask in the form of heat on the face, leave the product for 30 minutes to set. Remove the mask and wash with warm water to remove residual gelatin. The clay mask is suitable for skin prone to oily skin.

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Black clay is suitable for all skin types, and white, blue and green - for oily and combination. For dry skin, it is better not to use this composition in order not to over dry it. A mask of fresh vegetables is useful for removing black dots - for this you need to take potatoes, cucumber, tomato, wipe problem areas with slices of fresh vegetables, you can make such a nutritional composition - chop vegetables and apply it abundantly on the nose, wash off the composition after 30 minutes with warm water. Attention! Today in the pharmacies you can buy ready-made strips from black dots - patches or applicators. It is enough to use them two times a week in order to completely clean the skin after a month. Prevention of black spots there is several rules, adhering to which, it is possible even without any procedures to reduce the number of emerging comedones and get rid of their appearance forever. What is this about?

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Wash with warm water and mild cleanser. It is impossible to use cold water for this purpose, hypothermia of the skin leads to accelerated production of sebum to protect the skin from the cold. It is necessary to wash not only at bedtime but in the morning, washing away the sebum and dead cells released during the night. It is not recommended to use foundation creams and other masking agents in the presence of black spots. Under the make-up layer, the skin problem is exacerbated, which lead to irreversible effects in the form of a lifetime orange can peel on the face. It is necessary to get rid of the habit of touching your face with your hands. With the seeming purity of the hand, they still carry a lot of bacteria, dust and dirt invisible to the eye. All this remains on the skin of the face and intensifies the blockage of the pores. Reduce the use of alcohol, carbonated, sugary drinks and desserts. All these products contribute to the formation of black spots on the skin.

To permanently get rid of comedones, it is necessary to regularly carry out cleansing and therapeutic procedures, to adhere to a healthy lifestyle. Be beautiful and enjoy life in all its manifestations! 

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