How to Get More Mileage Out of the Same Amount of Fuel

by Roberts Tyres Auto Repair Garage in Sleaford

With the petrol prices hitting an all-time high, car owners around the world are trying to get higher fuel economy from their cars. A poor mileage makes you spend more on extra fuel consumption.

Your car’s mileage depends on a lot of factors, and while it is always helpful to take it to a service garage to run it through a diagnostics, there are some simple tips that you can follow to squeeze every mile out of every litre of petrol.

Let’s take a look at a few how-to that will help increase your car’s fuel efficiency.

Watch out for the brakes and acceleration

Frequent use of brakes and sudden accelerations increases your car’s fuel consumption. Moderate driving is the key to saving fuel while on the move.

Do not accelerate like you are in a race. Keep it steady. Also, avoid sudden braking. Gradual braking will prove to be helpful in extending the life of your clutch and brakes Billingborough.

Reduce wind resistance while driving on highways

Sliding down your car windows on a spring morning to get a scenic view from the road can be enchanting. However, the wind entering through the windows creates resistance for a vehicle that is moving forward, also known as drag.

It makes your car work harder, leading to increased fuel consumption. So, why not keep the windows closed, if it saves you a few bucks?

How about using the AC and heater a bit less?

The more you use your car’s climate controls to cool off or warm up the cabin, the more fuel it consumes. Reduce the time you keep your car in idle while using the AC or heater, and you will notice a significant difference in its fuel consumption.

Put off any extra load

Your car comes with a recommended load capacity, beyond which its efficiency decreases. It will cause your vehicle to use up more fuel to maintain the performance. Help your car perform better by removing any extra load added on to it and enjoy a better mileage.

Check the tyres

Are your car tyres under inflated? If yes, go to a nearby garage such as Roberts Tyres and inflate your car tyres Heckington. Their mechanics will check your tyre pressure and inflate them to the proper level. Low tyre pressure leads to increased tyre friction, resulting in reduced mileage.

Keep a check on wheel balancing and alignment

Misaligned and unbalanced wheels are both detrimental to the smooth driving of your car. Both of these increase the friction of the tyres.

The result is higher fuel consumption due to the excessive friction creating greater resistance. Hence, take your car for regular wheel balancing and alignment checks. It will reduce the fuel usage by a fair margin.

Apart from this, small car maintenance processes like engine tuning or changing the filters can go a long way in giving your car a higher mileage.

Little things can create a significant impact on your car’s fuel consumption. These small steps in your day-to-day car handling routine can help you achieve higher fuel mileage and save a considerable sum of money.

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