How to Get a Reverse Image Search Option on Facebook?

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What is Reverse Image Search?

It is the tool that works like the search engine technology by taking images as the query and giving the output the source or more information regarding that image. Presently Google and TinEye are the search engines that have the capabilities to search reverse image.

Now, Facebook has initiated to use this feature. You know what Facebook has more than 2 billion active users in February 2020. It is a great platform to keep their family and friends in touch and connect them with their community and share their opinion. Now think, after the inclusion of the reverse image search on Facebook, how it will help the folks for contacting their loved ones.

If you are looking for a friend’s profile or looking for their loved ones who are using your photograph without your permission, then this tool will prove helpful for you. If you also want to find the source of any viral meme on Facebook, then the reverse image search will do this for you in a quick time. Unfortunately, you can’t do this with other social platforms with this feature, but there are other methods like in-built official Facebook’s reverse image search tool that will do needful things.

How to Use Reverse Image Search on Facebook?

Before heading to the steps to know the procedure of Facebook’s reverse image search, you may need to keep a few things in mind. First, you are only allowed to find those profiles which are public (visible accounts). If you think that your profile is not secure and consider this feature a scary procedure, then you can secure your account.

With these things, you may need to perform a Facebook image search; then, there are two ways to achieve this procedure. Outcomes from both the ways may differ, but both the methods are extremely easy task and just takes a few minutes.

Are There Any Specific kinds of images that Will Work?

If you use the file name that was occurred for the first time when it was downloaded, then that image will work. The name of each file has its unique name from which you can track it down. If the number of users uploaded the same photograph, then you might get several outcomes, including some older copies of the image uploaded by the users.

You might face a little bit issue in finding the reverse search image to get the perfect match in the Facebook reverse image. The images that are clear with the more pixels are best for the reverse search image. It means the higher resolution will give you a better result.

One more thing, you may need to understand that Facebook image search is not the same as the face recognition software, so don’t ever think or expect any miracles.

First Method: The filename method

Let’s talk about the first method of the reverse Facebook image. First of all, the tool will work if the file name was not changed yet since it was downloaded from that specific platform. For the file name, right-click on the image and select the option of an open image in the new tab. If the picture was uploaded on Facebook, then it will contain other text as well and other string of the numbers.

The string is also known as one of the keys to perform the feature of the reverse image search. These strings also help you in finding other profiles that uploaded your images. Basically, three strings are there that are separated by the underscores, but you only need the middle one. That middle one is also known as the profile ID of the image.

Next, you have to enter the  ( With the middle of the string that you copied from the image). Then you will be directed to the profile or the person that you want to access. The outcome may vary, as some of the accounts are secured as the privacy option. Still, there are chances that it will work in seconds.

Other Method: The Google method

Another method is to use the Complex image search algorithm of Google. If you ever used a reverse image search by Google, you might know about this feature.

If you want to do this, then you have two ways. The first one is working only when the image is already uploaded online. Now, just click on that topic, and you should select the search image of Google. It will open a new tab that shows all the pictures that are related to your image on the web. Now you can use a filter that will help you in getting the Facebook results just by suffixing to the end of the search box.

If the image is present offline on your computer, then also you can perform this function by visiting There, you will find the clicking the camera icon; then there is an option of uploading images and then upload your image. Again, add at the end of the search box to find the results related to Facebook.

Google has the ability to do this reverse image search, but other modern search engines have the ability to perform the reverse image search. Bing, Yandex are some of the tools that can do the reverse image search.

Other Methods For Performing Reverse Search Image

If you are looking for a reverse image on social media sites like Facebook. Few tools can help you in reverse image search. TinEye is one of the most reverse image tools that can help you in finding your specific image. The application will work on all social sites like Flickr, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter.

It makes it great for finding the photograph that was uploaded in non-English speaking countries like China, Korea, and Japan.

RevIMG is the paid platform that can also provide a reverse image option. It has its own algorithm to identify the product like buildings, art, and many more. You can get this application at $49 for the month, as it is one of the cheapest packages for these kinds of the image search tool.

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