How to Fix iPhone Apps Not Updating Issue?

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Updating an app on your iPhone is the simplest task, but in some rare conditions, several apps won’t update. Restarting a device will generally fix some common problems, maybe a maximum of you already tried it to solve this problem. But still the apps are not updating on your iPhone, then you can use the below-given tricks to fix the issue.

Check the Apple ID on your iPhone

If you’re unable to update apps on your iPhone, then make sure you’re using the correct Apple ID. While you’re downloading an app on your iPhone, it is first authorized by the Apple ID for use. It means to use an app you must have an original Apple ID on your iPhone.

Check the Apple ID of your iPhone you used to get an app

1.    Go to your iPhone’s ‘App Store’.

2.    Navigate to ‘Updates’ tab from the bottom-right corner of the screen.

3.    Tap on the ‘Picture or icon’ at the top-right corner on the next screen.

4.    Go to ‘Purchased’.

5.    Check to view the app into the list.

If the app is not there then try to download it with another Apple ID.

To check Apple ID to use for download an app

1.    Go to your ‘App’s list’.

2.    Select the ‘App’ from there and right-click on it.

3.    Now, click on ‘Get info’.

4.    And go to the ‘File’ tab.

5.    Check in ‘Purchased by’ to view the Apple ID.

If there is an old Apple ID of yours, try to use that to fix the issue.

Check that the Restrictions are Off

Restrictions feature of your iPhone stop certain features this will also affect the ability to download an app.

Follow the steps to check and turn off restrictions for the app:

1.    Go to your iPhone’s ‘Settings’.

2.    Navigate to ‘General Settings’.

3.    Tap on ‘Restrictions’.

4.    Type your password, if asked.

5.    Navigate to ‘Installing Apps’ menu.

6.    Turn On/Green the ‘Toggle’ switch.

Check your iPhone Available Storage

Low storage space cause the apps won’t update, maybe this is the reason you can’t upgrade an app on your iPhone.

To check your iPhone free storage space:

1.    Go to your iPhone’s ‘Settings’.

2.    Navigate to ‘General Settings’.

3.    Open ‘About’.

4.    Check the Available line to view your how much free space is available.

If the available space is too low, free up some space by deleting unnecessary data such as apps, games, photos, videos, music, etc.

Change your iPhone Date and Time

Try to change your data and time settings of your iPhone. Set your iPhone’s date and time settings to automatically:

1.    Go to your iPhone’s ‘Settings’.

2.    Navigate to ‘General Settings’.

3.    Go to ‘Date & Time’.

4.    Turn On/Green the ‘Toggle’ switch of Set Automatically.

Erase App Store Cache

It also works similarly as restarting a device. Maybe cache is creating this issue then the clear cache of the App Store. Erasing caches won’t remove any of your important data.

To erase the cache,

1.    Go to your iPhone’s ‘App Store’.

2.    Touch any ‘Icons’ from the App’s bottom ten times. This will take you to the screen from where you can clear cache.

Use iTunes to update the App

You can use iTunes to update the app that won’t update on your iPhone, and this is also a straightforward way.

1.    Open ‘iTunes’ on your PC.

2.    Click on dropdown menu and open ‘Apps’.

3.    Click on ‘Updates’ near the top of the window.

4.    Click on the ‘App’s icon’ you want to update.

5.    Hit ‘Update’ button on the next screen.

After updating the app, sync your iPhone.

Sign Out from your iPhone’s App Store and Sign in again

1.    Go to your iPhone’s ‘Settings’.

2.    Go to ‘iTunes & App Store’.

3.    Touch on your ‘Apple ID’.

4.    Tap ‘Sign Out’ from the pop-up menu.

5.    Touch on ‘Apple ID’ menu, enter your Apple ID detail and sign in again. With these methods you can fix the issue of apps won’t update in  iPhone. You can also use some other tricks like, reset settings, and restore iPhone to factory settings.

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