How to Fix iPad Not Turning On Issue?

by Olivia Jones

What will you do if you see the black screen on your iPad Mini? Don’t worry as you can get your iPad back in no time. There is a straightforward fix if your iPad mini isn’t turning on after pressing the Home button. Bring it back to life in no time just by following these steps:


Is it even turned on?

Your iPad mini could be off if the home switch isn’t responding well.  Tap the Wake/Sleep button at iPad top and wait till you see the iPad Logo.

Is the display too dark?

Sometimes the iPad may be on, but you can’t see anything because of the dim light. Consider taking your iPad to some dark room for adjusting brightness. If in  case you have updated to iOS 12, then wipe downwards from the top right hand edge. If you are having iOS 11 or the earlier model, then swipe upwards from the bottom.

The battery

When you place your “iPad mini” below, then the apps in the background have still been draining the battery. You can do one thing that you can delete the entire battery without even using the device. Wait for sometime till you fill your “iPad” to the charger. See at upper right-hand corner when you see the battery icon. Users can see what has been occurring earlier and later you fill the charger to the socket. What you need to look for is given below:

The battery is really low if the battery symbol appears red at the place of green. Allow it to charge without using the iPad until the charger turns green. iPad will recover the strength of the battery.

If the display is black and the users can’t see the red array, then iPad mini could not hold sufficient power for exposing the state of the battery. Let it charge for some more time to allow the battery to recover.

If there is a flash before the screen turns out to be dark, then the iPad mini doesn’t have sufficient power for charging. Ensure that you have been using a USB power adapter of at least 5W. If you have taken your iPad Mini to some heated car or down in some cold temperature, then iPad may close down or decline to charge. Get your iPad mini to room temperature before charging or starting repeatedly.

Look for the charging port.

You saw any dust or the dirt that has been blocking your charging port then the connection can restrict the charger from securing the attachment so that iPad may charge well. Use a wood toothpick for washing out charging pot.

Burping the Mini

You may find this funny but burping that help in realigning all of the loose cables that cant makes the connections. Follow the below given steps:

  1. Ensure that the iPad isn’t on.
  2. Take a towel and cover the back and front of the iPad using a towel. Do it just like you do it with a baby.
  3. Do this for a minute at least till you unwrap the iPad.
  4. Turn in On again.

Restart your iPad Mini

  1. Go for a hard reset if you have tried to turn on the battery by charging it for Wake/Sleep switch. Follow the below given steps for performing a hard reset.
  2. Tap and hold the Wake/Sleep switch and home Button.
  3. Keep holding it till you see Apple logo. Initially, you may know the slider the black display. Keep on pressing Sleep/wake buttons.
  4. Let go the buttons till the logo appears.
  5. Your iPad is back now.

Go for a system update

Install the iOS update again not for installing the update again. For trying this method, follow below-given steps:

  1. Open iTunes on the Mac.
  2. Go to iTunes.
  3. Ensure that the system is having the latest version of iTunes.
  4. Plug in the charging cable to iPad.
  5. Press the “Home button” on the iPad.
  6. Plug the opposite point of loading wire to the system.
  7. Continue holding the “Home button” on iPad till iTunes display shows.
  8. Free the “Home button” while you observe a display that has been showing arrow, lightning cable or the red iTunes icon.

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