Apple TV Plus: 9 Best Tricks and Tips You Should Know

by Olivia Jones

The subscription streaming service, Apple Plus has already been launched in more than 100 hundred regions and countries all across the world. The streaming service is providing several original and exclusive shows along with giving fierce competition to Netflix and Disney Plus in streaming video games. However, the streaming services of Apple TV Plus can be availed in $ 5 a month but the streaming service is also providing several other features to entice its audience and it includes giving free seven-day trial also.

The viewers can get most out of the app and streaming service of Apple TV and it needs just a few hacks to be taken into consideration. The hacks to get more and more from the Apple TV are the following:-

Get the Free Trial of Apple TV Plus

If the viewers will purchase the subscription of Apple TV Plus, then it will cost them $5 a month and for an annual subscription, you have to pay a $50. But, there are some ways through which the viewers can get the services of Apple TV Plus free and enjoy their favorite programs. Apple TV provides a free trial of its streaming service for seven days and along with that, the time limit extended up to one year if the viewers are likely to buy a new iPad, iPod, Apple TV, iPhone, Mac or iPod Touch. However, the free subscription plan is not free from caveats such as loss of access if the viewers will cancel it before the year comes to end.

The viewers can avail of the free trial of subscription for seven days by downloading the app. Then, further, the viewers have to open the app and next visit the website of Apple TV. When the viewers will go to the app, they have to sign in into their Apple Id and then need to click on “Watch Now”. If the viewers have purchased a new Apple product or device, they will be directed towards a message saying “Enjoy One Year Free. Apple is also providing free subscription service for those who have availed the subscription of Apple TV music.

Enable Dark Mode

Nowadays, almost every app is adding the dark mode feature and Apple TV is no exception to this rule. The viewers can enable dark mode in their app which will not only save the battery life of their devices but also protect their eyes while enjoying the favorite programs. The viewers can set up dark mode conveniently in Apple TV or other Apple devices by going to the “Settings” and then go to the section “General”. Further, the viewers will be directed to the section “Appearance” and then “Choose Dark or Automatic”.

Adjust the Volumes

Reduce the Loud Sounds option provided by Apple TV  conveniently reduces the noise and adjust the volume so that the viewers could even enjoy the horror movies alone. The viewers can even enjoy the adventurous movies constantly producing the noise of dozens of thunderous explosions and that too without lowering or raising the volumes. The steps to enable the reduces loud sounds is very easy as the viewers need to go to the Settings of their Apple TV and then click on “Video and Audio”. Further, they will be directed to “Reduce Loud Sounds” and by clicking on it, they can reduce the loud sounds conveniently.

Enjoy the Streaming Services Offline too.

The viewers can easily download their favorite movies and programs in the app of Apple TV and cam watch later according to their convenience. The downloading of the favorites programs could be done on Mac, iPad, iPhone  and iPod Touch and it needs very simple steps to do so. The viewers need to select the movie or show they want to download by opening the app and then click on the download button appearing in cloud shape. The icon of the download option will be displayed to the viewers next to each episode of the show and the title of each movie.

The content once downloaded will be transferred to the library section of the app and the content can be easily removed by going to the library section and then clicking on the option of delete download.

Access the iTunes Extras

the viewers can easily fetch the iTunes extras by just open the app of movies and then select the title of the movie. When the viewers will keep on scrolling the option of iTunes extras will appear next to the preview section of the trailers of the movie.

Enabling Sleep Mode

The viewers can turn off their TV by setting a timeframe for turning it off itself by entering into the settings of the Apple TV. It will help them to get rid of the unwanted noise of the programs running on the TV. The viewers can go to the option “General ” and then click on “Sleep After” by entering some time limit.

Protect your Kids from Adult Content

The viewers can set a pin code if they don’t want their kids to watch everything you do on Apple TV. By setting a pin code, you will protect your kids to access any type of adult content. The viewers can go to the Settings of the Apple TV and then will be directed to the section “General”. When you will click on General, then the option “Restrictions will appear to you. You have to set a pin code in the restrictions section by providing a specific rating to some of the movies which you don’t want your kids to watch.

Following the Favorite Shows

The app of Apple TV is capable to keep a track of the shows the viewers watch automatically and pulls these shows from many streaming services. The list of such shows can be found in the Up Next section and whenever the episode of a show introduced, the viewers could see it in the front of the list.


The viewers can get the subtitles while watching a show and swipe it down to eliminate your fear to miss the crucial plot of any show.


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