How to Fix Air Conditioning Problems By Understanding Error Codes

by Grace V. Marketing

One way or another, you may have seen some sort of letter-number thing displayed on your air conditioning units. It's regardless of whether you have a split type, a ducted or commercial air conditioning units


For some units that are running normally or without any problems, you may probably see just the normal temperature displayed on your air conditioning system, but for those that are experiencing a problem with their unit, you will see a letter-number code displayed in place of the temperature. 


To understand what's the problem with your air conditioning units, you have to identify and know what error code you are seeing on your unit. Here are some of the most common error codes and what to do when you see it.


1. A0 to AJ. These error code means that you have a defective indoor unit PCB and an external factor such as noise. Call your air conditioning unit maintenance specialist to get this fixed


2. C3 to CE. These error codes run from a glitch of either the channel thermistor, air thermistor, moister sensor, release air thermistor, remote control thermistor or the brilliant warmth sensor, and as far as possible up to indoor lower louver limit switch motor. 


3. E0 to E9. These error codes go from outdoor activation of the outdoor safety device, PCB issue, outdoor motor lock, outdoor compressor error, EEV malfunction.


4. F3F6 and FC codes:

F3        AC is in fan mode. This indicates a normal operation and ac is working normally.

F6        An external device has tripped and is sending a signal to auxiliary 1  or 2 terminal

FC        Machine is performing a filter cleaning prompt


5. H3 to H9. These codes indicate a faulty high pressure switch, broken wire, faulty outdoor unit PCB and faulty connector contact.


6. J1 to JH. These codes indicate a broken pressure sensor connector contact, broken pressure sensor and broken outdoor unit PCB.


7. L0 to LC. These codes indicate that your air conditioning unit has a shortage of power supply capacity, faulty power transistor and a broken outdoor unit PCB.


8. P1P3P4 and PJ error codes:

P1        Power voltage imbalance or inverter PCB

P3        Malfunction of thermistor in switch box

P4        Malfunction of radiation fin temperature sensor

PJ        Malfunction of capacity setting (Outdoor unit PCB)

Improper combination between inverter and fan driver

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