How to Find & Kill Jabbermogwai for Hellfire SMG in Borderlands 3?

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Those who are not familiar with Jabbermogwai, it is Legendary creatures of Borderlands 3, which can grant the player with Hellfire SMG. Although, it is not a hard job to do as we all know that several new players are also trying to run along with the level of the game. Here, this blog is especially for those who are interested in Hellfire SMG, which can only be obtained by killing Jabbermogwai.

Find & Kill Jabbermogwai for Hellfire SMG in Borderlands 3 - mcafee com activate

How to Find Jabbermogwai?

First, players need to visit the planet of Eden-6 and head to the Canopy city in it where players will locate a new quest known as Family Jewel. Once players successfully complete the quest, then they need to move to the Fast Travel Location, where players need to take a left.

After heading towards the left direction, players should keep on moving until the player will find a Shack lit up with torches in which there will be a staircase to enter it. Enter into the path beneath the staircase, and then players will automatically meet Jabbermogwai.

How to Kill Jabbermogwai

In case you are fighting with Jabbermogwai for the first time, then you may don’t know about the cold or wet rule. It meant that players must make sure that they would not get Jabbermogwai cold or wet because once he gets cold or wet, then he began to double up. Several players have ended their game with 30 Jabbermogwai, so players need to make sure that this doesn’t happen.

The easiest and best way to counter Jabbermogwai is by using the bomb that didn’t comprise of Cryo effect. It is highly recommended to keep Jabbermogwai on the wooden section of the arena. Now, players need to blast multiple times, and Jabbermogwai will be killed easily. Sometimes Jabbermogwai gets up after being fainted so, make sure to blast one more time after it gets fainted.

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How to Farm Jabbermogwai

Once Jabbermogwai killed, players need to use Cryo weapons on it, as we have already discussed above the effect of water on Jabbermogwai. So, when players use Cryo weapons on Jabbermogwai, then it will double up. After, players have respawned multiple Jabbermogwai, and then they need to attack it and keep on collecting the drops. These drops will reward the players with several benefits, and the Hellfire SMG will also be obtained here, but for it, players need to kill anyone Jabbermogwai with the Incendiary effect. It is highly suggested to execute the Incendiary effect; players must use Incendiary Launcher.


The whole process for Hellfire SMG is not hard, but all those players who are facing difficulty in obtaining it can use this workaround. However, the process for locating and killing Jabbermogwai is a bit long, but it will avail the player with so many benefits that this large time conceiving seems out pretty worth. We hope that this blog will serve you properly, and in case you are new to this game and want to play it, then you can witness its gaming experience on PS4, Nintendo Switch, andOn Xbox One.


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