How To Find an Entertainment App Development Company?

by Jessy Rayder Marketing Expert

Amid pandemic, the entertainment industry has seen higher consumption than ever before. 

Worldwide popular entertainment platforms like OnlyFans have come into the limelight during those tough times. These platforms being the limited sources for entertainment are now becoming the user’s favorite pastimes. The subscription-based entertainment platform right from providing entertainment became an additional earning source for content creators. 

With entertainment applications showing a massive growth opportunity it is grabbing the focus of rising entrepreneurs. As a result, baby boomers are out for Netflix, Youtube, OnlyFans Clone app development. This is where the search for an app development company begins. With so many entertainment app development companies available on the internet, it’s not that easy to find a reliable one. Not anymore!

In this article, we will discuss the top entertainment apps and their basic features, different app development stages, and one need to keep in mind while finding the right app development company.

So, let’s dive in!

Leading Entertainment Apps To Lookout


OnlyFans is a leading entertainment and subscription-based platform worldwide. Content creators such as Models, Artists, Musicians, Celebrities, and others actively use this platform to stay in touch with their fans. The platform provides a platform for content creators to earn with a subscription-based model.

The presence of Celebs like Cardi B, DJ Khaled, Fat Joe added to the popularity of OnlyFans. Content creators often use the platform to engage with their fans and showcase their exclusive content. Till the end of 2021, the platform already paid more than $2 billion to content creators.


Netflix is one of the most popular entertainment platforms worldwide and a leading subscription application. Original award-winning shows, quality content, a low monthly price subscription model, and presence on different platforms are some of the reasons for its popularity. There is no wrong in saying that this entertainment changed the way we perceive entertainment. 

Its worldwide popularity is one of the biggest reasons why entrepreneurs are investing in Netflix clone development. Backed with a successful business model makes this platform the seventh-largest company in the entertainment sector.

There are numerous other entertainment apps such as Spotify, Youtube, Pocketcast, and others, but that’s not why we have created this post. Let’s have a look at some basic features of these entertainment apps and proceed further.

Key Features of An Entertainment Apps

Users Panel Features

  1. User Profile - When users sign in to the application quickly and find their favorite content creators.

  2. Purchase content - The platform provides users ease to purchase and view content from their subscribed content creators.

  3. Notifications - This feature is a proven method of increasing engagement and notifying users that their favorite content creator added a new video, photos, etc.

  4. Payment - Multiple payment options make it convenient for a user to make in-app purchases.

  5. Search - With this feature, users can easily find and subscribe to their favorite content on the application.

Creators Panel Feature

  1. Creators Profile - the Creators can quickly sign in to the platform and share content with their fans.

  2. Subscription Plans - With custom subscription plans, creators can provide limited and limitless access to the content depending upon the plan subscribed to.

  3. Share Content - The platform provides creators with easy options to share and upload content per fans’ requests.

  4. Receive Payment - This feature allows users to receive payments and directly transfer them to their bank account.

  5. Engagement Tools - Polls, Text msgs, calls are some of the best engagement tools that allow creators to interact with their fans in a meaningful way.

Admin Panel Features

  1. Manage Profiles - The admin profile has access to both users' and creators' profiles and can delete profiles if they don’t comply with the guidelines.

  2. Set commission - Although these platforms follow a specific commission model, this allows the admin to change commission.

  3. View Transaction - This feature allows admin to view daily transactions on the platform and total revenue

  4. Manage advertisement - Admin can promote and advertise content and view ROI with the help of this app feature.

  5. Manage alerts - The reported or objectionable content uploaded on the platform can be seen or managed by the admin with this feature.

These are some of the basic features that an entertainment application like OnlyFans should have. Now, you know all these features, it’s time to move toward the development stages of an entertainment platform.

Development Stages of an Entertainment Application

  1. Business Analysis - Before entering the development stages, it is crucial to analyze the risk factors and investment return. Evaluate everything first and then enter into the development stage

  2. Design & development - In this development stage, investors explain their requirements to the development team and what feature they want in their application.

  3. Front-end development - This is the first stage of development of an entertainment application. In this stage, everything that a user sees will be planned and executed accordingly.

  4. Back-end development - Back-end development is the support system of front-end development. Everything that is added to the front end will be supported with the help required back end process.

  5. Testing - Testing is done to ensure that the entertainment application performs as expected and performs at an optimal level even under stress levels.

  6. Deployment - This is the last stage of the development process where development teams submit it to major app platforms.

How To Find an Entertainment App Development Company?

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind while selecting an app development company for developing entertainment apps.

  1. Experience - While searching for an app development company, look for how long they offer their services. A more experienced development company team might add up to the development cost to build OnlyFans like app. However, this will smoothen the overall development experience.

  1. Portfolio - A company portfolio is another way of finding the right app development company for your entertainment app. Going through the portfolio of an entertainment app development company gives you clarity about the work they have done in the past.

  1. Client Testimonials - Client testimonials are one of the best ways to know any app development company. Ask the development company for testimonials and analyze their work based on the client reviews.

  1. Communication - Communication plays a vital role in determining which app development company is best for you. An app development company needs to communicate with its client during the complete development process.

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that with the increasing number of viewers and mobile/tablets, entertainment apps are the future of the entertainment industry. Depending upon what type of entertainment app you are looking for, such as news, songs, TV, etc., you can search for the right development company that fits your requirement.

Keep the factors mentioned above in mind while searching for an entertainment app development company. These few pointers will surely make things easy and help you find the right app development company for you. 

So, start the conversation, talk to the app development companies, and shortlist the ones that fit your development needs and selection criteria.

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