How to Enhance the Battery life of Amazon Kindle Fire HD

by Hayate Abul Digital Marketing

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD is the most preferred ebook reading device among the bookworms. But some people have complained about Kindle Fire’s battery issue. People are claiming that this device is getting down in several hours of continuous usage. Are there any factors that can help us enhance the battery life? Amazon Kindle’s battery was made to be last longer than any other electronic devices. This device is made to be used for reading, which takes a lot of time. So it is pretty clear that this device has a perfect battery, but something is causing it to fall asleep earlier than usual. So let’s get started and solve the issues which are causing our battery to die rapidly.

The Secrets of Long-lasting batteries

1. Be Polite with the Brightness of your screen

Kindle Fire comes with pretty good brightness of screen but do you really require that much of brightness only to read? Even many users have found that high brightness is the only reason for eye strain. Make sure you turn it to the lower position whenever you are reading in darkness such as in your bedroom.  To turn it to the lower settings, open the notification bar by swiping the finger down on your screen. Then you will see a slider move it from right to left completely to get the long battery life.

2. Kindle Fire Battery Saving Hack: turn off GPS and location services

If the location is continuously turned on in your tablet, then you are letting your device’s battery waste in the air. The GPS or location requires a lot of energy to work, so if you leave, it turned on, you are sucking your battery yourself.

To turn off location services, open the notification bar as we told you before by swiping down onto your screen, now tap on more and then select the location-based services in your device and tap on both options to turn off completely.

3. Disable Auto Email Sync

If you are using any one of the email apps to manage your accounts, then your device will be automatically syncing your emails in a specific time bound. Which eats some your battery silently in the background. The automation will sync the email every 15 minutes to check new emails. This thing requires a lot of energy so you can set it to the manual syncing, which will only sync when you will do. You don’t need this feature because you can check your emails in your smartphone then why engaging your Kindle Fire in doing the same.

To turn off automatic sync, follow the below steps:

  1. Open the “Email settings” from the email app.
  2. Then tap on “more.”
  3. After that, press “applications.”
  4. Then tap on “Emails.”
  5. Now press on “contacts.”
  6. After that, tap “Calendars.”
  7. Now tap the “account name.”
  8. Turn the “sync controls” to off.

4. Switch off Bluetooth and WiFi

WiFi, Bluetooth, and other wireless connectivity features can drain your battery faster than any other thing. It is better to turn them off whenever not in use. Only turn on when needed seriously. The best way to turn off all these features is to put your device into the fight mode, which will automatically turn every wireless connectivity to off.

5. Never Treat Your Kindle Fire as a Gaming Console

Yes, I know that games are an entertaining way to pass the time and refresh your reading journey but, if you can avoid them, then you should uninstall the games because video games eat a lot of battery.

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