How to Do Asthma Treatment Using Homemade Remedies?

by Ayur Vedic Ayurvedic Treatments

When you understand the true power of the natural things around, the vegetation, the plants, it works surprisingly to remove your ailments entirely. The time when you acknowledge the importance of common leaves, seeds, and flowers, they start working as tools to heal physical and mental problems. Asthma is one the common disease of this period. Now and then, we all have read about the curses of pollution to society. Asthma is one of the worst evil that spreading continuously around the world. Pollution is the potential cause that impacts our lungs and respiratory system and develops chronic asthma.

So finding asthma treatment in nature is the best thing, however, we need to preserve it first. If you are looking to treat this disease, it is ideal to know about asthma symptoms and its triggers. The aggravators like allergies, bacteria, dust, pollutants, and weather conditions can be the main culprits behind your difficulty in breathing and chest tightening. When the tubes that allow inhaling and exhaling become inflamed and narrow, the sufferer feels extreme distress. It becomes hard for a person to cope with asthma attacks and his job related works, all together. If you left it untreated then it can be deadly.

If you have recently experienced signs of wheezing and difficulty in exercising, you should start proper medication after taking an important consultation from pertinent practitioner. But if you’re searching for potent alternatives of allopath and steroids, move forward in this article.

Sea Salt and Water

You can opt out for sea salt and water mixture that works immensely in an emergency situation, when you have nothing besides but a kitchen. This solution is relatively fast and without any side-effects. Intake a glass of warm water over salt, it can debilitate allergens, germs or anything obstructive inside your throat and lungs.


In asthma treatment, it is really important to take good care of your dietary. A person with this problem produces a lot of mucus which can be cured. As you might know, there is barely any permanent cure for this disease. But the asthma symptoms can be relaxed temporarily by consuming foods that consists of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties along with needed Vitamins and minerals.


Fruits like banana and apple are really effective due to its potassium content and digestive properties. It helps in lowering blood pressure while you have an attack (take proper advice of expert before deciding to eat/drink anything mentioned in this article). Avocado is another good fruit with omega three fats can provide an anti-inflammatory effect that counters bronchial inflammation, a very common symptom of asthma.


While honey has been widely used by the people who want to improve their skin conditions, its antibacterial properties also help patients in controlling coughing and removing phlegm out of the throat. You can take 1tsp. of honey with lukewarm water in the morning and at bedtime.

These are a few natural remedies and foods for asthma treatment that you can easily adopt to rid of the sticky mucus and short breathing that mostly accompanies asthmatic states.

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