How to Decorate Your Living Room Using Smart LED Lights

by Henry kings Marketing Expert

The living room is the heart of your house and its interiors go a great way in affecting the mood of the space and the people in it. The amount of time you spend in your living room is probably most of the time you spend at home.


Ambient and welcoming lighting is crucial in defining the appeal of your entire house. Boring lighting often makes the interiors gloomy or ugly. For a long time, interiors are being adorned with dim and mellow lighting to accentuate the look, but dim lights do not facilitate good visibility. You will most likely be troubled when it comes to reading or doing other light intensive tasks.


Guess what? You do not need to install extra fixtures to fulfil your lighting requirements or even stay in dark.


LED lights for living room can help you take the visual appeal of your living room notches higher without making any major changes.


You can incorporate powerful design and lighting elements and change the ambience with minimal efforts. LEDs will ensure that it is a happy welcome every time you or your guests walk in.

Before beginning to choose the fixtures or decide the living room light code, you need to figure out where you need the most light and your purpose of lighting. Ambience centric living room lighting solutions, for instance, are not well suited for task lighting. You can go about by breaking your room into separate areas. Define these areas based on functionality and then decide how you want the lighting to be.


Here are some points to remember before defining your functional areas:

  • Living room lighting can be divided into ambient, task or accent lighting

  • In order to add ambient lighting to the entire room, light it up at all ends

  • Task lighting requires brighter light at the focus area i.e where you perform the activities or read

  • You can accentuate the d├ęcor and elements and decorate simultaneously using fancy lamps

  • How you place your lamps defines the distribution of light in the room i.e whether it is focused or spread out in the room

You can fix your living room light using LED lights for the living room. Proper horizontal and vertical positioning of light can solve the purpose. Here are some possibilities of lights that you can use in your living room:

  • Ceiling lights: Suspended lights installed on the ceiling are called ceiling lights and add beautiful detail to your living room. Replace the normal bulb with LEDs and you get better light with energy savings.

  • Floor lights: A standing lamp or an accent light fitted with LED is a great way to light up the living room along with decorating it.

  • Table lights: Lights embedded in furniture or attached to it such as table lamps, desk lamps, etc. makes for great task lighting for reading or other chores.


Living room lights to change the look of your living room:

Ambient lights: Diffused lighting that fills up the entire room with light and increases ambient lighting in the room, is called ambient lighting.

Here are some ways to add ambient lighting to the living room:

  • Chandeliers

  • Pendant lights

  • Sconces

  • Flush lights

  • Recessed lights

All these options can use LED lights that increase the overall appeal of light, save energy as well as offer other smart solutions such as sensor-based lighting, app-controlled lighting etc. They are the perfect way to illuminate your space completely.

Task lights: If you want to highlight a specific area by shining bright light on a spot, it is called task lighting. This can be done over tables, kitchen worktops, next to chairs, cosy corners etc. Here are some examples of task lights that you can add to your space:

  • Tabletop lamps

  • Reading lights

  • Desk lights

  • Task lights for work counters

  • Spotlights

If you fit these with LEDs or install specific LED-based lights, you can achieve superior ambience as well as functionality.

Accent lights:

These subtle lights are majorly for adorning the space. They add a soft glow to the room and highlight specific features. Here are some ways that you can use accent lighting for your living room light.

  • Decorative lamps

  • Up-lights

  • Dim spotlights

Contrary to the popular belief that accent lights use energy extensively, LED lights in accent lighting can save energy even if put on all day. You can also skip lighting the entire room when such bright light is not required.

LED lights for living room can quickly transform the look and feel of your living room and add lots of allure. You can also add Smart LED lights in order to add a bit of automation to your home. Just imagine, how awesome it would be to walk in and see the lights turn on automatically or to control it all with an app.

Svarochi offers amazing smart LED lighting options that can replace your living room lights and be a welcome design change to your home.

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