How to Deal With Hulu Playback Error on Xbox One Console

by Harry Williams Manager

Playback error is one of the most irritating issues that happen with Hulu, and the worse thing is that it doesn’t even show any Error code or explain the exact problem. This problem often occurs on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, streaming devices like Amazon Fire, Roku, and so on. If a problem display Error code or an error message with explanation, finding the reason and solution for it will become easier. But, when you don’t know the actual problem, how can you apply any solutions to deal with it. Don’t worry, here you’ll know the possible reasons for getting playback error on your Xbox One console, and effective tips to deal with them.

Possible reasons for having Hulu playback error on Xbox One console

Playback error issue is one of the most common problems of Hulu. So, there is no need to panic when this happens to you. Sometimes this issue can be fixed by just using the general troubleshooting tips. The main reason for Hulu playback error is the communication issue between the streaming device and Hulu servers. Either the Hulu app of your Xbox One is unable to communicate with the server or the server is not able to provide the video stream. There are several other reasons for causing the Hulu playback error. It might be your device, home network, or software. That is why Hulu playback error may get solved with general troubleshooting solutions.

If you’ve already applied the general solutions, but still you’re not able to stream Hulu on your Xbox One console, no need to worry. Try the solutions specifically for Xbox One console to resolve the Hulu playback error on it.

Instructions to deal with Xbox One Hulu Playback error

Check and test your console’s internet connection:

A weak or poor internet connection can influence the communication between your console and Hulu server. And hence, the playback error issue has occurred. Here is how to check and test the internet connection on Xbox One.

  1. Start your Xbox One.
  2. And, depress your controller’s ‘Xbox’ button. Xbox’s guide screen will open on the screen of your console.
  3. Find the ‘Settings’ and open it.
  4. Go into ‘All Settings’ and select ‘Network’ from the given options.
  5. Now, open ‘Network Settings.’ Here you’ll see the outages on the screen if they are known.
  6. Look for ‘Detailed Network Statistics’ and select it.

Your network statistics will appear, you can now see the connected network, network status, speed, and other network’s detail on your screen. Verify that your console is connected to a network and it is working perfectly. Also, check whether the available speed is sufficient for streaming video. You’ve to resolve the problem with your internet if there is anything wrong with it.

Remove and reinstall the fresh Hulu app:

If everything is perfect with your network, then you should try replacing the installed Hulu app with the newly updated app. This is for getting the fresh Hulu application and files, which isn’t downloaded by simply updating the application. In order to get the clean files and application, you’ll need to remove the old app entirely from your console and then download the new updated Hulu app. Here is how to do it.

  1. First, you have to log out of your account from your Xbox One’s Hulu app. To do so, launch ‘Hulu’ and select ‘Log Out’ from the Hulu menu. Close it, once you remove your account.
  2. Now, select the ‘Hulu’ app.
  3. And, depress the ‘Menu’ button on the console’s controller.
  4. Choose ‘Manage App’ from the menu.
  5. Then select ‘Uninstall.’
  6. Confirm if required.
  7. Now, install the ’Hulu’ app.

After setting up the new Hulu on your Xbox One console, start streaming the video. Now, you should not see the playback error again.

Clear your Xbox One’s cache:

However, the above solutions will resolve the Hulu playback error issue from your Xbox One console, but you can also try clearing your Xbox One’s cache by following the below instructions.

  1. Close all windows, and shut down your Xbox One console.
  2. Once your Xbox One shuts down completely, unplug it from the power source.
  3. Wait for at least one minute.
  4. And then, plug it back.
  5. Now, start your Xbox One.

Doing so clears the cache from your Xbox One and gives you a problem-free and improved performance.

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